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Hey lovely! Welcome! My name is Maja. I’m a writer, scientist, astrologer, and business coach. I’m passionate about helping female entrepreneurs recognize and utilize their unique gifts in a way they can make real contributions to the world. There hasn’t been a more important time for us women than now, to learn how to use our female intuition and creativity in a way that we can be a vehicle of change. The Aquarian age we entered is the moment for us to offer our healing and transformative services.

Personally, from a very early age, my interests have revolved around energy and communication. I’ve been simply fascinated with earthquakes, volcanos, and the cosmos in general. Exploring, reading, writing, and telling fascinating stories about all I’ve learned is the true essence of my being. That resulted in me studying geophysics which later translated into thriving and successful academic work. But still…I felt like there is more to explore, learn, the way we can leave a greater impact and our mark on earth as we follow our passions.

My self-discovery led me to later finishing my Ph.D. in Organizational Sciences where my focus was on bringing the clear message of companies’ impact on the environment and sustainable development. In my academic work, as a business coach, I’ve mentored many of my students to start successful careers and businesses, in a way they fully harness their talents and strengths. Simultaneously, my love for astrology grew and I had the opportunity to study astrology with the most renowned astrologers from Kepler Institute in Belgrade. 

And I must admit this so far my longest love affair, lasting for 18 years!

For many years, it was just a side gig, until two years ago when I suffered a severe head injury. It left permanent brain damage with a long and difficult recovery. But what helped me the most is tapping into my intuition and aligning my life with lunar and cosmic cycles. It brought more ease, flow, less anxiety, and tiredness. It awakened an inner trust that still I can manage and be productive in my life, if only I allow myself to surrender and cultivate inner calm. I also started applying many astrology based self-care routines that really accelerated my healing.

And all this new information and knowledge I’ve used to write a moon journal and offer other women a resource and opportunity to improve their healing and manifest with the moon. The printed version of the journal was a huge success and completely sold out.


Now I’m on the mission to use my business and astrology knowledge and experience to help other women truly tap into their potential and discover how they can position and market their services to make a greater impact.

But only in a way that is aligned with their values, honoring their intuition and female creativity. In my work, I also teach them how they can use beautiful moon energy to bring more ease and lightness to their schedule; to easily incorporate self-care in their to-do list and ultimately create a life and business they love. I invite you to review our services and see how we can help you improve your business today.



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