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We create astrology inspired products to help you realize your potential and bring more magic to your life.

You are made of stars and by connecting with a Universe, you are remembering who you are deep at your core; that you are a magnificent being capable of doing amazing things and we are here to help you fall in love with yourself, once again.


There is no one like you. You have a specific mission and gifts to share with the world. Our products will take you on a journey of unforgettable self-exploration, guiding you in manifesting your dream life.

The Universe is always talking to us and is a guidance towards our personal evolution – if only we are ready to listen and understand the signs. Our products are specifically designed to help you understand the language of the stars in a way you can raise your vibration, invite more easiness and flow to your daily life, while working on manifesting the ultimate vision you hold for yourself. These products will lead you towards your healing and spiritual growth you’ve been looking for – while helping you realize your full potential.


Hey Lovely! Welcome! My name is Maja, I’m a writer, scientist, astrologer, health and well-being advocate… And on my journey so far I have gained great knowledge and experience that I want to share and help other women use their divine feminine power to actualize their full potential.

Since my very early age, I’ve been fascinated with nature and energy. By mastering our own power and finding our place in the Universe we can learn how to manifest anything in our lives. We are made of the same material just as the stars. So, my thirst for knowledge and curiosity (hello Gemini rising!) had led me to studying geophysics. As a geologist, I fell in love with crystals and since then they are an essential part of my self-care routine. It was always clear to me that our mother earth with her gifts holds the secret to our healing. That became also quite evident while I was doing my Ph.D. thesis in environmental management.

But still, I felt like something is missing  – I felt a need to explore the more spiritual and metaphysical side of our life purpose and that’s when I learned about astrology. That was in 2003 and ever since astrology is my ally and guidance. Finishing my natal astrology course within the Kepler Institute in Belgrade gave me further opportunity to help other people on their journey of transforming their lives.


In December 2018, I suffered from a very difficult traumatic brain injury that has left permanent damage on my left peripheral eyesight. I tried many different therapies and approaches to accelerate my healing, but what helped me the most is developing a specific self-care routine that was aligned with the Moon cycles. That gave me the opportunity to invite more flow and easiness in my life and truly access the highest healing energy of the Universe. In 2020 I wrote a “Nurtured by the Moon” planner and journal where I outlined these simple rituals that were inspired by astrology and moon phases. The journal was a great success and sold out quickly. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to design and offer different tools to help women discover their own healing power and embrace the gifts of their magnificent creativity.

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It is time to awaken your own healing and manifesting power. Discover the secrets of your own magic while aligning with the beautiful wisdom of the Universe.

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