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September 24, 2020by maja0

Tapping into the energy of Aries Full Moon with mindful self-care ritual

The Full Moon ritual helps us awaken the energy that is brought to us by the Full Moon. Every Zodiac season delivers us Full Moon in the opposite sign and through self-care practices, we can adequately balance these opposing energies. While Moon transits the Libra sign, we are welcoming Aries Full Moon on 1st October. This is the moment to feel the fullness of the Moon, while she illuminates some part of our lives. We gain greater awareness of our life circumstances and we are invited to take a deeper look at where we are with our vision we hold for ourselves. This is the moment to pause, reflect, and release all that feels like a burden. On the New Moon, we plant new seeds, while Full Moon sheds a light on the progress of our intentions.

Every Full Moon brings a new set of energies and understandings to work with. This is an opportunity to refresh our self-care and introduce nurturing practices that will help us grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves we can be.

Aries energy is entrepreneurial, pioneering full of passion and inspiration. As it is the first of the Zodiac signs, we are reminded that we have a purpose in life and our task is to discover that which brings us the greatest joy and passion. Aries Full Moon is here to help us rediscover that long-forgotten spark and realign us with our true essence.

Astrology of the Aries Full Moon

To truly sustain on that path of passion, we have to find ways to fuel and nurture our soul’s needs. Aries sign with her brings the energy of the warrior Goddess that doesn’t complain or retreat in face of adversity – she is ready to fight for what is dearest to her heart. During this Full Moon, awaken this creative energy and see in which way can use her to give you the motivation to walk your soul’s path boldly and confidently as you are brushing off any fear or self-doubt. Lean into your authenticity and while Mars is retrograde in Aries, remember how unique you are and capable of removing any obstacle. Find inspiration in remembering the moments where your independence and self-reliance helped you achieve many accomplishments. You still carry that energy within you – this is the moment to harness that internal power.

Mars forms a beautiful trine with Venus in Leo, asking us to keep our hearts open and soft. As we remember what we love about ourselves, we are nudged into actions that will help us grow and ultimately lead a life that feels good to us.

Additionally, Mars forms a square with a stellium in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto). These aspects can bring some situations from our past, making us feel restricted somehow in our present situation. That can raise additional anxiety, but the key to working with this energy is through self-discipline and motivation. Change comes from us and we have the power to improve our world. Use this Full Moon to release any of these feelings and align with the highest vibration of Aries, which is motivation and passion.

aries full moon

During this Full Moon be also aware of Aries’ low vibrations – when things don’t go as you desire don’t get easily frustrated, irritated, or angry. Find a productive way to manage your energy through physical exercise, breath work, spending time in nature, and meditation. It is also an opportunity to review how you define your priorities and time for self-care. Dedicate that special time to yourself and set healthy boundaries that will allow you space and time to maneuver: to work through your emotions and ground yourself so any anger or frustration can dissipate out of your awareness. Use the positive energy of the Aries to align with your purpose and pursue your passions.

Aries Full Moon self-care ritual

Full Moons are those special moments during Zodiac season where certain parts of our lives are illuminated and we have the opportunity to work on the release of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. Full Moon rituals are here to help us stay centered and focused, offering a pathway for us to facilitate emotional liberation and celebration of everything we wish to invite in our life. This proposed ritual is developed to help you release your anger and frustration and awaken your passion and motivation in life.

Moon self-care ritual for releasing anger and fear

The releasing ritual harnesses the power of fire to remove anything we don’t want in our awareness anymore.

  1. Prepare your sacred-space by cleaning and cleansing. You can use sage essential oil, for inviting freshness and raising your mood. Light up a red candle. (Don’t forget to prepare your crystals that you need to charge and place them where they can soak up the moonlight).
  2. This Full Moon is excellent to work with citrine to help us release anger and invite more passion and joy. Alternatively, you can use carnelian or pure quartz. Meditate for 10-15 while holding citrine in your hands. Once you are ready, take a piece of paper, and write down your fears, resentment, anger…all that you wish to release during Aries Full Moon. Imagine how paper takes all that heaviness from you.
  3. When you are finished writing, burn your list (practice safety!). Let the flame and the energy of the candle absorb and help you eliminate these negative feelings out of your consciousness.
  4. Take a deep breath and recenter yourself. Now take your journal and write powerful “I AM” statements that will represent how you wish to feel:

          For example, I am successful. I am brave. I am confident. I am healthy. I am in a loving relationship.

Repeat these statements often to help you really embody the positive vibration of the Aries Full Moon.

Let this Full Moon help you unravel your true purpose by eliminating anything that disrupts you from your true soul path.








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