• How to ask the Universe for anything

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    Tired of having to live same old days, trying to manifest your desires, from meditations, affirmations and all other “-ations” you have tried that just keep you feeling like being on a hamster wheel, getting nowhere? Tired of asking the Universe, but not getting the “right” response?

    It’s so frustrating, I know. I totally get it.

    But here’s the thing. No matter how ‘angry’ you might be at the Universe, with your desire to yell at the clouds and bump your fists in the empty air… it isn’t helpful. As a matter of fact it can make you more distant from your manifestation (which I’ll talk about more later).

    All you need is one good system and steps to follow. 

    A system and with easy to execute steps that will lead you to really bring your intentions to fruition and you finally living the life you always wanted.

    But, first what you need to know is:

    The Law of Attraction in its core teaching state that alike attracts alike. In other words, the energy you emit to the world is being given back to you. So if you are in a state of low vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions, most probably you will attract life experiences that are energetic match to them.

    The Universe is always bringing us opportunities for our growth and evolution

    Every person and situation that enters your life is there for a reason. You might say: ”I didn’t ask the Universe for this!” But that experience came as a response to your current state of consciousness. We must understand that the Universe has a neutral quality. It doesn’t recognize good or bad life experiences. It just reflects our own vibrationally frequency we are at the moment.

    The good news is that you by intentionally working on the vibration you cultivate within you, you change what you are inviting into your life. Once we accept and take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions, we start to live a life by design, not by default. That’s the moment when we are becoming in tune with the Universe and how it communicates with us.

    Ask the Universe for what you want
    5 steps how to ask the Universe for anything

    Here’s how to ask the Universe for anything in 5 easy steps

    1. Make space for what you want, by releasing what you don’t need

    So the first step in your asking the Universe for what you want is to let go of anything that lowers your vibration. That include things, people, situations, feelings, actions, habits… Everything that is weighing you down, is preventing you from living your best life. For many people this can be very difficult. We often identify ourselves with things/people/situations we are attached to. But the more we are able to let go of attachments that are holding us back, the sooner will the Universe respond to our desires.

    2. Get clarity on what you want to invite in your life

    When you ask the Universe, the more specific you are, the better. If you are not sure what YOU want, the Universe will not be able to clearly respond. The more you are certain of your desire, the more you will be motivated to achieve your goal.

    3. Vibrationally align with your desire through actions and attitudes

    When you ask the Universe for what you want, you need to understand that your desire is already fulfilled on the energetic level. With your thoughts, feelings and actions you need vibrationally to align with your desired manifestation. In other words, you need to become an energetic match to your fulfilled goal. For example, you might wish for a loving relationship. But If you are not showing loving thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself and other people, you will hardly attract a loving partner. But rather someone who is a vibrational match to your current emotional and mental state.

    4. Trust that your manifestation is coming

    The truth is also that our dreams and desires are big for a reason. They sometimes require really stepping out of our comfort zone. For some people that initiates fear and anxiety. And instead of being committed to their goals, they simply give up or procrastinate. The Universe will always supports you in your efforts to fulfil your dreams. But you need to cultivate inner trust. Even if your manifestation is not showing soon enough, continue taking action. Continue to improve. The road to our manifestation is not always straightforward or easy. It can have twists and turns. But trust that Universe always has a big plan for you.

    5. Foster gratitude by staying committed to your vision

    Gratitude is the shortcut to manifestation. When you appreciate all the good in your life, you actually are asking the Universe for more of the good to enter your life. In that process while being committed to your vision you are not impatient of when and how the things will unfold. You are not attached to the outcome, but to the good feeling that gratitude gives you. As you show to the Universe you are committed, you are ready to change and grow. You are ready to step into that version of yourself that has your manifestation. When you embody that feeling of having your manifestation in the present moment, you are sending the message to the Universe you are ready to receive.

    A proven manifesting method supported by the Universe is following the Moon cycles.

    It’s like the Universe is laid out for us the whole process! You can ask the Universe for anything by applying this method in your life.

    The Moon is very important celestial body for the life on earth. It regulates our gravity, the motion of the earth, our climate and sea and oceans. By considering that we humans  are 70% water, the Moon affect us too. Both on emotional, mental and physical level.

    The Moon has 2 major phases, the New and Full Moon. The period of the Full Moon and for the next two weeks is when you want to release what doesn’t serve you. The New Moon and the following  two weeks is the moment to work on our intentions and what we want to attract. Every cycle is a chance for us to begin again, to clearly ask the Universe for what we want. It helps us take right actions and work on alignment with our desires.

    Want to learn this system and finally start manifesting like a pro?

    Come and explore our newly published online course on manifesting with the Moon!

    Maja, your astrologer

  • How to surrender to the Universe

    How to surrender to the Universe: a practical guide

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    I bet you often ask yourself: “Why everything has to be so hard? Why everything takes so much time and effort?”

    And I get it. We all want to have more ease and flow in our life. To have more time for things we really enjoy instead of always  feeling like we are hitting the wall,  getting us only more frustrated and tired. But let me tell you; you certainly don’t need a bigger hammer!

    I can assure you there is a better way!

    You can learn how to surrender to the Universe and be fully aligned with who you truly are. In this process you are releasing any possible resistance and allowing for the Universe to do its magic and help you manifest your desires.

    But here’s the thing:

    Surrendering your path to the Universe means that you need to get out of your own way. To have the Universe open the door for you is to consciously raise your vibration and manage your emotions. Journal, listen to some high-vibe music, dance or get creative. Anything that will help you feel better is the work to surrender to the Universe.  Because, the more you feel better, (regardless of your current circumstances), you are sending a message to the Universe you are ready to receive more of the good.

    How to surrender to the Universe – a practical guide

    1. Gracefully accept your present reality

    So the first step in your surrendering to the Universe is the graceful acceptance of your current situation. But the trick is not to be focused on what you are missing. If you are constantly thinking how you are lacking certain things in you life, it only creates the vibration of lack. This is making you distant from your manifestation. Rather, ask yourself how can you be more appreciative of good things already happening in your life? And allow that to be your guiding vibration.

    How to surrender to the Universe in 6 easy steps
    6 easy steps to follow to surrender to the Universe you can start practicing today!

    2. Cultivate gratitude for all coming your way

    This leads us to our second step, which is gratitude. They say gratitude is a shortcut to manifestation and I couldn’t agree more. The more things you are grateful for, the more things you’ll attract to be grateful for.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything you wish will just appear before your eyes, but rather you are content and grateful for all you already have, while proactively working towards your goals.

    3. Access the power of the present moment

    The essential moment here and also the third step is to be living in the present. Your greatest power and ability to change and improve things comes from the present moment. The past is gone. The future is unknown. Thinking about the past only raises anxiety and worrying about the future is just further lowering your vibration. You surrender to the Universe by consciously choosing to be in the now. This will also help you get clarity and confidence to work towards your dreams. “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present”, urges Eckhart Tolle. We should use our past experiences and desires for the future as a guidance and tools to help us make decisions to change our life.

    4. Be open to receive

    The next step in our surrendering to the Universe is always asking ourselves: how open I am to receive?
    Because, as previously described dwelling in the past and worrying about the future, puts an energetic obstacle towards desired manifestation. If you are being overly attached to how things were/are and impatient about what you want to manifest, you are closing the doors to your manifestation.  To let the Universe bring you what you asked for, you need to let go of your attachments, to let go of your fears, doubts, criticism, judgments, insecurities and cultivate more trust. It’s not our job to think about what and how, but to be open to the guidance and allow life force freely to pass through us. This is how we access ultimate ease and flow towards our manifestation.

    Repeating to yourself the same old story of why you can’t do something, why you should stay where you are and allow fear to control you – there is no progress. Additionally, distrusting your intuition and disregarding the voice of your soul is closing you away from all the good that is available to you.

    If you think you are open, think a bit more, because there is always more room to open for more joy, ease, abundance and freedom. It is also good to ask yourself, how open you are to give? If you feel that you by giving you are losing or feeling depleted in some way –  it is again activating the vibration of lack. Surrendering to the Universe means you are fully open to give and receive in return.

    5. Acknowledge there is divine order within the Universe

    Being able to surrender to the Universe, brings a sort of certainty and trust that our manifestation is on its way. And the Universe has remarkable ways of delivering blessings to us.

    The Universe we live in is defined by certain order and more importantly governed by laws. We can measure the movements of planets and their positions. We are aware of their cyclic rhythm which brings some sort of certainty and assurance that there must be a Divine force or Intelligence that has created all this. And we here on earth are part of the physical expression of this intelligence that flows through us. We are not separate from it, but indispensable part of it.

    In conclusion, you believing and trusting that your life will evolve exactly as it should, allows you to have faith in your surrendering to the Universe. In other words, your understanding that you need to loosen your grip and have faith in the Universe brings certainty that your manifestation will come exactly when and how it should. Your task is to keep your vibe high and enjoy everything that life has to offer you.

    6. Release the need for control

    All these previously mentioned aspects lead us to a final step which is to stop trying to control every detail of our life. This makes room for instead of being in the vibration of resistance to actively participate in the natural unfolding of our life. And every moment is leading us exactly where we need to be to become the best versions of ourselves.

    In our brand new course “Journaling with the Universe; write your manifestation into reality”, we teach you all these steps and how effortlessly to manifest your desires, while learning how to co-create with the Universe. Want to know more? Follow this link for more info!

  • North node in Taurus: manifesting abundance

    Transiting North Node in the sign Taurus

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    North Node in Taurus: the Universe is once again shifting gears in the cosmic energies. Now wants to reconnect us with abundance on every possible level! From the January 19th, the North and South node will definitely change their signs and enter the Taurus-Scorpio polarity.

    What are the Lunar Nodes?

    The points where the Moon on her path while orbiting the Earth crosses the ecliptic are called Lunar Nodes. Ecliptic is a great circle on the celestial sphere representing the sun’s apparent movement during the year. The crossing of the Moon’s trajectory with ecliptic causes cosmic energetic vortexes to form. Even though the Nodes are just points and not actual celestial bodies, that doesn’t decreases their power. These vortexes can stimulate our energetic field and our frequency, just any other body in our Solar system.
    The North Node represents our area of growth and the life lessons we’re integrating. We are invited to have trust and courageously step into the unknown. North Node is always reminder what we need to learn and how we can work on our own self-mastery. The South Node is describing our comfort zone and all the skills we have mastered very well.  We are very accustomed to this energy and everything relating to the South Node is actually operating from our subconscious mind. With its energy, South Node points us what we need to release in order to grow.

    Taurus-Scorpio polarity: tapping into abundance we are surrounded with

    The Nodes of the Moon change their signs roughly every year and a half. For lunar nodes to make a full circle around the Zodiac takes approximately 18 and a half years.  And on the January 19th we have that the North Node will enter sign Taurus, while South Node will enter Scorpio. These are very important cosmic shifts as they announce new energies that are coming to us with series of Eclipses during the 2022.
    As the North Node enters Taurus, our collective consciousness has more opportunity to reconnect with mother Earth. In that grounding presence we can fully embody all the lessons we have learned while the North Node was in Gemini. Taurus brings the vibration of peace where we can feel our inner guidance and deeply understand our emotional experiences of the last two years.

    You are already resourceful

    The sign of determined Bull brings further our attention to our resources. They help us build our foundation and structure as we are oriented towards future. Our resources are what help us feel secure, comfortable and stable within us. As we will experience high portals of energies coming with Eclipse seasons, The Universe is asking us to review what we need to become more self-reliant. How we can better nurture our dreams? What do we truly need in order to bring them to fruition? This is the moment to tend to our own needs and bring supportive routines, amidst any chaos around us. The Universe is sending us very important message – that we are our greatest resource.

    But, this transition of the Lunar Nodes is also here to remind us how abundant we already are. Connecting back to our already affluent nature is a way for us to allow more abundance to flow to us – now, in this vey moment. We are born in the sea of plenty and the Taurus and Scorpio are teaching us that this is our birth right. Through societal programming we are taught that we need first to DO/HAVE a lot of things in order to be/feel prosperous. This is not the case. In order to be abundant, we simply need to feel in our true nature and know it. Embodying the feeling of abundance first, allows you to act in abundant ways. Acknowledging how abundant you already are while practicing gratitude helps you receive in abundant ways in return.

    North Node in Taurus: unconditional self-worth is what attracts more abundance

    Both signs, Taurus and Scorpio teach us that our manifesting power lies in cultivating unconditional self-worth. We need to feel worthy of our desires in other to feel motivated to work towards our dreams. On the other hand, both Taurus and Scorpio have deeply ingrained fear around security. This can act as an energetic obstacle on our manifesting journey. And while the South Node will be in the sign Scorpio, the Universe is showing us we are ready to release and transform these very low vibrations. We are raising our self-awareness that we are ready to  enter new level of collective consciousness. Scorpio will help us work through and integrate our shadows so we can let go of any controlling and obsessive behavior. We have opportunity to see our traumas in a different light and release our identification with them. This can also signify a certain closure of the need to be constantly attached to our dysfunctional patterns. And instead, look for supportive energies that help us feel complete.
    These energies will be more prominent with the Eclipses that sign Scorpio and Taurus will host this year. We will have many life experiences where the Universe will send us opportunities to invite more abundance in our lives. If you want to learn more about these celestial events, we invite you take a look at our Manifesting with Eclipses guide.


    Mercury retrograde in Libra – the last of the cycles in 2021

    Three or four times a year there is an event in astrology that we call Mercury retrograde. This ‘backward’ motion is not real, it is just an optical illusion as we observe Mercury’s path around the Sun. When Mercury goes retrograde, life seems to slow down, we easily become forgetful, clumsy, make mistakes and it is hard for us to follow through with our plans. We may be confronted we a lot of challenges and it times it might feel like the whole Universe is against us! Many situations and people from our past start to appear, reminding us of some unresolved issues that demand our attention.

    Mercury in Astrology rules both signs – Virgo and Gemini. That includes our speaking, decision making, thinking, buying and selling, traffic, electronics, negotiating, contracts, written documents, teaching, listening, writing, travel, mail and shipping, transport. All of these areas are affected with Mercury retrograde and we can experience delays, cancelations, postponing, and mistakes in all these matters. As we are challenged, we might react irrationally and recklessly as we usually don’t have sufficient information that we need to make the right decision. For that reason is advisable not to sign any contract or important documents, engage in crucial decision-making or launch a new business or project.

    But instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, this is the period where we can take a journey inward; to reflect on our lives and see what has been wrong, what has been missing. Mercury rules our mind which is like a garden. Each thought we think is a seed of experience we invite into our reality. And often a flower that blooms in our garden is not a flower representing our true self, but a reflection of what others expect of us to be. As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing blossoms don’t portrait the full beauty of who you truly are.

    This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and discover your authentic self below all the layers the society and your environment told you, you should be. It is about recentering and remembering your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

    Finding balance and inner peace

    Mercury will retrograde from September 27th till October 22nd in the sign Libra. As Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, we are invited to look at our relationships. Especially the one we have with ourselves. How much do we devote our time and energy to our dreams, desires, and needs? Because, only when we satisfy our own needs we are able to become thoughtful and caring partners to others. Mercury retrograding in Libra is also inviting us to observe how do we feel and react during the day. Notice the moments when you feel out of balance and try to pinpoint what is exactly disturbing your inner peace. Journal your feelings and come to a knowing that not every storm in your life is there to break you, but to show you how resilient you are.

    This is a beautiful way of restoring the relationship you have with yourself and inner trust – that you are the only person who can grant yourself inner peace. From that understanding review relationships with other people. How supportive and nurturing they are on your journey? How are you able to adequately respond to your partner’s needs? Reflect on these questions during Mercury retrograde in Libra, as it will help you bring a greater understanding of the role and significance you have in your relationships.

    Mercury in Libra is a reminder to review the relationship we have with technology. As we might encounter problems with our phones or computers it is good time reflect, have we become too dependant on technology? How can we be more self-reliant in our problem-solving? And also, with all the time we spend on social media and the content we are consuming, are we aware of the dimensions of how to that impact our inner peace? If we were to have fewer distractions, how that would impact our productivity and the ability to manifest our dreams? These are all important questions that we nudged to think about the following three weeks.

    Mercury retrograde in Libra aspects

    As Mercury transits Libra in this retrograde cycle, it will make a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This is an opportunity to expanding our minds on all past ideas we have and give them a new purpose and meaning. This favors a confident, optimistic, and curious mindset where we have a fine balance between the vision we want to build upon and the details and steps needed to get us there. It also favors reconnecting with old friends and visiting places that are dear to our hearts and we have pleasant memories. This aspect also brings opportunities to develop some skills and talents that we have maybe forgotten or that we may need to improve.

    And one of the more difficult aspects will be square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect gives us deep and direct thinking, but also our communication can be often sharp and edgy. It is good to keep in mind these qualities during this cycle of Mercury retrograde as it negatively impacts our relationships. On the positive side, this aspect is excellent for working on your shadow self and uncovering any deeply rooted blocks that might be preventing you from manifesting your desired life.

    If you want to prepare for this Mercury retrograde cycle, I recommend you have a look at our newly published Mercury retrograde journal as it will give you all the tools you need to use this period to your own advantage.