Mercury retrograde in Libra – the last of the cycles in 2021

    Three or four times a year there is an event in astrology that we call Mercury retrograde. This ‘backward’ motion is not real, it is just an optical illusion as we observe Mercury’s path around the Sun. When Mercury goes retrograde, life seems to slow down, we easily become forgetful, clumsy, make mistakes and it is hard for us to follow through with our plans. We may be confronted we a lot of challenges and it times it might feel like the whole Universe is against us! Many situations and people from our past start to appear, reminding us of some unresolved issues that demand our attention.

    Mercury in Astrology rules both signs – Virgo and Gemini. That includes our speaking, decision making, thinking, buying and selling, traffic, electronics, negotiating, contracts, written documents, teaching, listening, writing, travel, mail and shipping, transport. All of these areas are affected with Mercury retrograde and we can experience delays, cancelations, postponing, and mistakes in all these matters. As we are challenged, we might react irrationally and recklessly as we usually don’t have sufficient information that we need to make the right decision. For that reason is advisable not to sign any contract or important documents, engage in crucial decision-making or launch a new business or project.

    But instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, this is the period where we can take a journey inward; to reflect on our lives and see what has been wrong, what has been missing. Mercury rules our mind which is like a garden. Each thought we think is a seed of experience we invite into our reality. And often a flower that blooms in our garden is not a flower representing our true self, but a reflection of what others expect of us to be. As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing blossoms don’t portrait the full beauty of who you truly are.

    This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and discover your authentic self below all the layers the society and your environment told you, you should be. It is about recentering and remembering your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

    Finding balance and inner peace

    Mercury will retrograde from September 27th till October 22nd in the sign Libra. As Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, we are invited to look at our relationships. Especially the one we have with ourselves. How much do we devote our time and energy to our dreams, desires, and needs? Because, only when we satisfy our own needs we are able to become thoughtful and caring partners to others. Mercury retrograding in Libra is also inviting us to observe how do we feel and react during the day. Notice the moments when you feel out of balance and try to pinpoint what is exactly disturbing your inner peace. Journal your feelings and come to a knowing that not every storm in your life is there to break you, but to show you how resilient you are.

    This is a beautiful way of restoring the relationship you have with yourself and inner trust – that you are the only person who can grant yourself inner peace. From that understanding review relationships with other people. How supportive and nurturing they are on your journey? How are you able to adequately respond to your partner’s needs? Reflect on these questions during Mercury retrograde in Libra, as it will help you bring a greater understanding of the role and significance you have in your relationships.

    Mercury in Libra is a reminder to review the relationship we have with technology. As we might encounter problems with our phones or computers it is good time reflect, have we become too dependant on technology? How can we be more self-reliant in our problem-solving? And also, with all the time we spend on social media and the content we are consuming, are we aware of the dimensions of how to that impact our inner peace? If we were to have fewer distractions, how that would impact our productivity and the ability to manifest our dreams? These are all important questions that we nudged to think about the following three weeks.

    Mercury retrograde in Libra aspects

    As Mercury transits Libra in this retrograde cycle, it will make a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This is an opportunity to expanding our minds on all past ideas we have and give them a new purpose and meaning. This favors a confident, optimistic, and curious mindset where we have a fine balance between the vision we want to build upon and the details and steps needed to get us there. It also favors reconnecting with old friends and visiting places that are dear to our hearts and we have pleasant memories. This aspect also brings opportunities to develop some skills and talents that we have maybe forgotten or that we may need to improve.

    And one of the more difficult aspects will be square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect gives us deep and direct thinking, but also our communication can be often sharp and edgy. It is good to keep in mind these qualities during this cycle of Mercury retrograde as it negatively impacts our relationships. On the positive side, this aspect is excellent for working on your shadow self and uncovering any deeply rooted blocks that might be preventing you from manifesting your desired life.

    If you want to prepare for this Mercury retrograde cycle, I recommend you have a look at our newly published Mercury retrograde journal as it will give you all the tools you need to use this period to your own advantage.


  • Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – manifesting our dreams and abundance

    New Moon in Sagittarius and Solar Eclipse we are welcoming on December 14th.

    Total Solar Eclipses are supercharged New Moons, offering us the opportunity to set new goals for the next 6 months. Many astrologers refer to Sagittarius as the most prosperous and optimistic sign of the Zodiac. It motivates us to seek expansion in our lives; to stretch our minds and go beyond our own limitations. This New Moon will prompt us to challenge our beliefs and our deepest truth, by offering us exciting ways to renew our faith in what is really possible for us.

    Jupiter, as the natural ruler of the sign Sagittarius and this New Moon, awakens the adventurous spirit, desire for exploration, and learning more about ourselves. This is the time when we need to be open to new experiences and engage our curiosity while being free of judgment and free of expectations. Challenge yourself to break out of your routine by trying something new – even that being a different cuisine, visit a new part of town, or read a book you wanted to read for so long.

    This is your chance to start fresh and initiate new beginnings, especially in your business. Jupiter is positioned in Capricorn, inviting us to seek novel ways to make our passion our life’s work. The conjunction of Sun and Moon happens at 23 degrees which is very close to the point of the Galactic Centre (26 degrees). This Solar Eclipse offers us a direct link to source energy, making available to us to call in more abundance, joy, and contentment – and to align with the highest vibration of the Sagittarius sign.

    This Solar Eclipse introduces us to the beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happens in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice (21st December). This is a very rare and important astrological event as denotes a new era where these slow-moving planets will make a conjunction in the air signs. The sign Aquarius and Uranus his ruler are about accessing higher-level consciousness. Our focus from materialization goes to creating new ideas, connecting, socializing, and delivering inventive solutions on both personal and collective levels.

    Use this New Moon to rewrite old stories and work on your mindset. The Universe always supports us, but we need to be in an open state in order to recognize and receive the gifts. Look for serendipities, particularly on the day of the eclipse. It will motivate you to look at your life from a different perspective and become aware of the special gifts you have to offer to the world. It will nudge you to leave your comfort zone and have faith in your own abilities.

    Sagittarius is a fire sign so employ your creativity to do things your ways. Make changes that will unleash a sense of freedom in your business. Let your purpose and meaning always stay your main drive to accomplish your goals.

    On this Solar Eclipse ask yourself:

    How can I expand my knowledge to share my authentic self through my career?

    This Solar Eclipse favors setting intentions around the bigger picture of our business and career we wish to achieve and making a structural plan to achieve that. You may be looking at ways you can expand your business by offering new courses or maybe you would like to learn new skills that will enrich your business offer. If you ever wanted to publish your book or pitch your proposal to a publisher or agent – all these possibilities are especially favored and supported.”

    Solar Eclipse ritual for manifesting your dreams

    How the Solar Eclipses act like a huge portal of energy, opening for us, this is the perfect time to set long-term goals and what you wish to achieve in the next 6 months. It is the end of the year, so use this opportunity to set your intentions for 2021.

    Besides the New Moon ritual you perform, you can expand your practice by surrounding yourself with little reminders that will allow you to energetically attract. If you wish a new job, or to start a new business, you might hang-out on your walls quotes and pictures of that business/job you wish to attract. When we lean into the vibration of the sign Sagittarius, we are ready to expand and we have faith in the Universe, that exactly what we need will be delivered to us in the perfect time, in perfect order. So trust this process, as you practice your affirmations and take inspired action towards your goals. 2021 is just around the corner and this Solar Eclipse is our moment to make all needed preparations and get the clarity we need.

  • Gemini Full Moon ritual – rewriting outdated inner stories

    In this article, we take a deeper look at the energies of the Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Our special focus goes to the Gemini Full Moon ritual as a self-care practice to help us use the energy of the Lunar Eclipse and make profound changes in our lives.

    The energy of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

    The start of the Sagittarius season kicks off with Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on November 30th. Eclipses are always special periods of the year, signifying changes in our life directions. With Lunar Eclipse this can mean some sort of end and culmination is approaching. It’s the way of the Universe telling us it is time to do a thorough clean-up and release of old energy so we can make space for new things to enter our lives with the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse.

    A Lunar Eclipse is a very potent Full Moon. During that time, the Moon moves into Earth’s shadow, as the Sun, Moon, and the Earth are very closely aligned. During this Lunar eclipse, we have the Sun in Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon in Gemini, which is partially eclipsed.  Both Gemini and Sagittarius are avid learners, concerned with the mysteries of life. They find intricate ways how to communicate the truth they unravel and all they have learned on their quest for wisdom. Gemini is focused on details and little things that make us happy. She is very analytical in her approach, drawing conclusions from myriad experiences that she lives daily.

    Sagittarius helps us define the vision of our life and what new experiences we can embrace in order to facilitate our personal growth. Together, Sagittarius and Gemini hold expansive views with the depth and width of the knowledge – and all the details in between.

    Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

    Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is here to remind us which parts of our lives we can expand and where we can search for additional knowledge. To truly align with the highest vibration of the Gemini sign we have to be able to understand her essence. Gemini’s energy is playful, restless, thrives on constant stimulation and amusement. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the Cosmic messenger. Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house in our natal chart. This is the area that indicates how we think and communicate our feelings, thoughts, and observations. In her highest expression, Gemini is able to observe without judgment. This ability to look at life from a different perspective gives her the opportunity to become a diligent researcher, a collector of ideas, information, and all the details to make one ‘picture’ complete.

    That’s why Gemini so perfectly complements the energy of the Sagittarius – giving life and playfulness to the frame of our life – defined by Jupiter and Sagittarius. As Gemini helps us refine our communication, Sagittarius the natural ruler of the 9th house gains meaning through truth and higher knowledge. Together they help us understand how our mind works. We can better understand how we process information: Do we use our stories as a means of justifying our behaviors and actions or we direct our thinking in ways to build new awareness and reality? This is the key moment in working with these energies and understanding this Lunar Eclipse. This is a reminder to us that it is time to replace our old stories and enter a new chapter of our lives. This Full Moon illuminates certain parts of ourselves, helpings us decode where we need to be more open to new ideas, to be more communicative, and speak our truth.   This Full Moon is asking us to expand our current perception and see the interconnectedness of all things that form our life.

    Additionally, the Lunar eclipse on November 30th hosts the Moon on Aldebaran fixed star (the star of archangel Michael) and the Sun on Antares. Whenever an event or your personal points in the natal chart conjunct fixed stars, there is always a sense of destiny involved. Aldebaran is the royal start of illumination and it is exactly in opposition to Antares, which can signify anger, fear, judgment, and dissatisfaction. These two strong cosmic points activated with Gemini Lunar Eclipse, indicate we are going to be introduced to some new ideas and perspectives that can bring some conflicting emotions and polarized opinions.

    We have the opportunity to work on evolving qualities of revelation, peace, fairness, and universal love and transcend any feelings and desires for anger and a violent approach to conflict. Possibly that also we as humanity will be challenged and put to a great test just before the first conjunction Jupiter and Saturn are making in the sign of Aquarius.

    Working with Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the personal level

    On this Gemini Full Moon dedicate time to simply observe your emotions. Explore how you feel without judging your emotions in any way. Be willing and open to learning more about the energies you embody during the day. How your moods shift, what impacts them. Become aware of what kind of thoughts your emotions produce inside of you. Gemini is here to show us that thoughts are just energy and we have the power to change them. They translate all our experiences into the reality we perceive. But also come to an understanding that these perceptions and inner narratives usually stem from our past experiences. We project them to judge our current situation, sometimes without sufficient information. These are stories we adopted maybe in our early childhood or as a result of some past trauma or event. On this Full Moon recognize what stories you repeat to yourself when you are anxious, angry, or fearful. What can you learn about yourself from your emotions? Do you try to shut down your emotions by distracting yourself? Use the energy of this Full Moon to rewrite your inner dialogue in a new and affirmative way to align with the higher vibration of the Gemini sign.

    This Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is motivating us to release these disempowering stories so we can widen our view and our perceptions. This allows us to tap into our most expansive potential and bring profound changes to our life. Let go of your defensiveness and justification for how you feel. Come back to the present moment. Redefine your truths so you are able to receive new insights.

    Gemini Full Moon ritual

    This ritual draws inspiration from the practice of moon journaling. All you will need is to dedicate some time for yourself (at least 15 minutes), your journal, and a pen.


    1. Spend some time in solitude, which will allow you to reconnect with your intuition. Become aware of your feelings, ideas, and stories – all that you recognize you often pay attention to and repeat, all that you recognize is somehow keeping you at a low vibration.
    2. Take your journal and for the following 15 minutes write and describe in detail these feelings and the ways they are preventing you from moving forward. As you analyze your feelings, try to identify the hidden message and lesson within these experiences.
    3. Next, in your journal make a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for.
    4. Use your gratitude list and the clarity you gained from your moon journaling as a base to form new affirmative statements to replace your outdated narratives. Read and repeat them often and your vibration and the mood during the day will slowly begin to change. Also, you will notice how your external communication improves as you become more confident in your daily pursuits.
  • Scorpio New Moon ritual – embracing our shadows

    On November 15th occurs New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon comes with a lot of new possibilities and supportive energies. In this article, learn how you can harness the power of this cosmic event, through mindful Scorpio New Moon ritual and self-care practices.

    The New Moon is a beautiful astronomical and astrological event when the Sun and the Moon are tightly joined together. This is a complete melting of both masculine and feminine energies into one focused strength, helping us bring substantial changes in our lives. When it happens in the sign of Scorpio, the possibilities for personal transformation are even greater. We are motivated to dig deep in our subconsciousness and led by our intuition we can discover long-forgotten truth about ourselves.

    Scorpio New Moon

    This Scorpio New Moon is especially emotionally intense as we become aware we can’t hide and turn our heads away from what we feel. This is the moment to embrace your shadows and look for creative and gentle ways to work through your emotions – whatever they might be. Under every pain, suffering, or trauma lies a true treasure, a unique power for us to be awakened and harnessed. We have tremendous self-healing power. New Moon in Scorpio is here to show us our path to healing and ultimate self-mastery.

    Accepting and working through our emotions

    The greatest gift of Scorpio New Moon is not only to show us what our habitual patterns are. It also offers the opportunity to dismantle our dysfunctional behavior and work on building new healthy habits. We can create new patterns that will support our growth and healing. Scorpio New Moon will show who we truly are deep in our core, as long as we are patient, committed, and trust the process.

    During this New Moon, we come to an understanding that all our emotions are energy. We have the power to transmute our negative emotions into something positive, creative and more beneficial for us. This understanding starts with us becoming aware of our reactions and where do they come from. As we become more observant of our reactions we are identifying what triggers these emotions. Is it something from our past? Does that really serve the person we want to become? How these reactions are slowing us down in achieving our goals and plans? How do they impact the quality of our life?

    Becoming aware of our emotions and their triggers, in this vulnerable honesty is the first step in working through these emotions. Through acceptance and understanding, you will change your habitual reactions and build new, more supportive patterns.

    As you stay committed to this path, you will learn that you can turn your anxiety into excitement and your fear into confidence. You are in charge of your emotional reactions. And you manage your energy by creating your own reality. As it may not always be comfortable, know that all storms in your life are not there to destroy you, but rather to show you how strong you are.

    Astrological aspects of the Scorpio New Moon

    Balancing our needs and desires

    Scorpio New Moon brings additional aspects – challenges and opportunities for us to work with. Mars and Venus will not be much in love – actually, they stand in opposition to each other. Venus represents all the things we value in life, what we really love, and our desires. Also, she tells a story about what we need to feel comfortable and secure. On the other hand, Mars talks about our actions and how we manage our energy levels. When these two celestial bodies are in opposition, we might experience a conflict between what we do and what we would like to do. We might feel obliged to do things that don’t bring us joy and we may experience a sort of resistance rising towards our own feelings and desires in our attempt to please another person. The key moment in working with these energies is to recognize through our intuition when we are out of alignment. Finding a balance between our own needs and desires helps us stay committed to our own path while being a supportive and nurturing partner to others.

    Setting intentions for long-term goals, through creativity and enhanced spirituality

    During Scorpio New Moon, Sun and Moon will be in beautiful trine with Neptune. Neptune is the natural ruler of the sign Pisces, which is also a water sign – just like Scorpio. This helps us to feel our emotions in a way we gain a greater and wider understanding of our place in the world. We are inspired to take action towards achieving our dreams through our creativity and imagination. This is also very spiritual energy, inviting us to have strong faith and trust in our own abilities.

    Furthermore, this New Moon comes with additional support. The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon receives uplifting energy from three giants currently placed at the late degrees of the Capricorn sign. The stellium formed by Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, gives us determination and a purposeful plan to achieve our goals. Starting new initiatives is very beneficial now and they may benefit from the growth and expansion of Jupiter. Pluto is all about harnessing and using our internal power, so this is an opportunity to fully utilize our potential and do what can be really transformative and life-changing. We can easily work through our suppressed feelings and in a gentle way release them out of our consciousness. Use our Scorpio New Moon ritual as a supportive practice (read below).

    Moon journaling prompts for Scorpio New Moon

    Moon journaling is an excellent way to work through our emotions and to identify our emotional triggers. This is an intimate and safe space for us to have deep conversations with ourselves and get a better understanding of our habitual patterns. Scorpio New Moon is an opportunity to work through our difficult emotions and get to the root of what triggers them. In this observant state, we also get the answers on how to form new habits that support our growth and healing. These moon-journaling prompts you can also use as your preparation for the ritual described below.

    1. Review your emotions: How do I behave when I’m upset, angry or fearful? What are my primary reactions?
    2. What usually triggers such emotions? Where is the root of these feelings?
    3. How would I feel if I’d change my reactions? How would that impact the quality of my life?
    4. What suppressed feelings do I negate deep inside me? Where do I feel the deepest emotional pain?
    5. What helps me become more grounded and aware of my emotions? Breathing, meditation, walk in nature? How can I bring more of these supportive activities into my life?
    6. During this New Moon, I intent…..

    This moon journaling practice you can do as a separate activity or as a part of your Scorpio New Moon ritual.

    Ritual for embracing our shadows

    Below every pain, suffering, or trauma lies deep understanding and truth that can lead to healing, growth, and ultimate self-mastery. Every difficult experience and feeling is here to show us a new path that leads to inner power, brevity, and confidence. Scorpio New Moon ritual motivates you to be fully honest and vulnerable with yourself. Embracing and illuminating your shadows can be disturbing, but know it is your road to gaining greater awareness of yourself and your self-healing capabilities.

    For this ritual you will need:

    • a smudging tool, (sage, palo santo, or sage essential oil)
    • bath or a shower
    • pen and paper
    • several white candles
    • sodalite (or clear quartz).

    Instructions to perform your ritual:


    Prepare your sacred space by thoroughly cleansing it through decluttering and smudging to eliminate old, stale energies and invite new opportunities. You can also use diluted sage oil (5-7 drops) in water in a spray bottle and mist yourself and your room.

    Take a bath

    Let the bath help you relax and bring you to a more calm and balanced mood. During your bath, as you cleanse yourself, reconnect with your intuition and let it help you lead towards your most vulnerable parts.

    Meditate and journal

    After your bath, while still in that meditative state, take small pieces of paper. Identify the feelings you have written while journaling (prompt number 4). Write on each paper the feeling you wish to bring to the surface and illuminate:

    That might be:

    My lack of self-worth.

    My jealousy.

    My fear of failure.


    The point is to be as specific as you can.

    Light your candles

    Then, take your candles and arrange them in a small circle. Place each piece of the paper under the candle. In the center of the circle place sodalite, which symbolically represents you and with its power will embrace all these energies and balance them with their counterparts.

    Light up each candle to symbolically, bring your shadows to the surface, and find acceptance and compassion for yourself in your honesty and vulnerability.

    Dedicate time to contemplate each of your shadows. Acknowledge them and as you deeply breathe in, invite more strength to embrace your shadows and access their counterparts within you. Let the candles burn till the end.


  • Taurus Full Moon ritual – breaking from attachments to find confidence and trust

    Taurus Full Moon

    On October 31st, we are welcoming Blue Helloween Full Moon in Taurus. The second Full Moon this month comes with very rare and strong aspects. In this article, learn more about energies, self-care practices, and ritual you can employ to harness the power of this strong Full Moon.

    To better understand this Full Moon we have to take a deeper look at Scorpio and Taurus signs. Both Scorpio and Taurus bring us to the present moment and help us go through our fears and insecurities. They both use resources as a foundation for building their worlds. They help us invite more abundance in our lives and understand how to value our own capabilities and talents.

    While Taurus experiences the world through physical senses, Scorpio uses her internal energetic resources. This is the quality of a true alchemist, able to transform and renew from the ashes. Scorpio fully relies on her inner trust to allow growth and self-mastery.

    When we fall into the trap of low vibrations of the Taurus sign, we cling to our comfort zones and fear of the unknown. This Full Moon is here to help us to release these feelings and allow more inner trust and confidence while relying on our intuition.

    Astrological aspects of the Taurus Full Moon

    But this Full Moon comes with her own perks. On the day of the Taurus Full Moon, we have Uranus that is very close to a conjunction with the Moon and in opposition with the Sun.

    Uranus is the planet of unexpected, electrifying energy that like a thunder, out of nowhere brings change, sudden twists, and turns. This is a very disruptive energy for the following two weeks. Uranus will help us release false paradigms we have about our own self-worth, our creativity, and femininity.

    As Uranus opposes Sun, we can have very interesting encounters and events, that will stimulate us to look at our life from a different perspective. We may not be prepared for change, but however this energy displays in your life – things will not be the same. Allow more curiosity and openness to this energy, as this change is here to accelerate our growth and our own sense of freedom.

    Uranus tightly conjuncts Full Moon

    During this Taurus Full Moon, Uranus will closely conjunct the Moon. This may bring many restless feelings and our own internal need to break out of the ordinary. As Moon illuminates a certain part of our lives, we can sense that change is coming. This makes it very hard for us to relax and find inner peace. There is a general lack of stability and we feel even more insecure and vulnerable. Moon and Uranus are conjuncting fixed star Hamal that holds the vibration of both Saturn and Mars. Patience and carefully managing our energy levels and activities we engage with can help us work with this Full Moon more smoothly.

    During this unpredictable Taurus Full Moon, employ such self-care practices that will help you stay grounded but flexible and adaptive to erratic situations. That might feel very difficult as both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. This Taurus Full Moon is here to help us release our comfort zones and make space for allowing our potential to shine. Our sense of self-worth stems from recognizing and acknowledging our uniqueness. Try to be more observant of your feelings instead as they will lead you to powerful insights.


    taurus full moon ritual

    Something is brewing inside of you and requires your attention. As you stay open-minded, you will be able to recognize opportunities to use your unique talents and realign with your true path.

    Moon journaling prompts

    Moon journaling is an excellent practice to help us work through different feelings. The following journaling prompts are designed to help you recognize your insecurities and comfort zones and how to move through them during Taurus Full Moon:

    1. What are my comfort zones? (think in terms of habits, thoughts, and behaviors)
    2. How much your comfort zones are preventing me to express my potential?
    3. How would my life be different if insecurity wasn’t there to stop me? What would I do/be?
    4. What practices help me stay more open and observant to new experiences? How that can help me to more confidently step into the unknown?
    5. During this Full Moon what am I ready to release?

    Taurus Full Moon ritual for releasing insecurities

    Taurus Full Moon joined with Uranus is here to help us get more comfortable with change and embrace uncertainty. In that process, many fears and insecurities can pop up and make us step back into the comfort of our thoroughly build inner world. We become so attached to the comfort zones that sometimes we don’t realize that actually, our comfort zones are not protecting us. They can keep us captivated in a state where we refuse to deal with our negative feelings. We may feel stuck and unproductive. But the unknown doesn’t have to be bad per se! What if there are more opportunities for us to express our potential and really live a thriving life? This little Taurus Full Moon ritual is designed to help you release those negatives blocks and make space for new exciting things to enter your life. You can perform the ritual during next two weeks until the New Moon in Scorpio.

    What you’ll need for the Taurus Full Moon ritual:

    • A smudging tool (sage, Palo Santo or sage essential oil)
    • A jar with a screw-top lid
    • A handful of quartz stones
    • Muslin bag
    • Dry chamomile flowers
    • Alternatively, you can use 5-7 drops of chamomile essential oil

    taurus full moon ritual for releasing insecurities and embracing the unknownPrepare your sacred space with decluttering. Clear the stale energy with smudging. You can refresh with some essential oils. It’s important that you make your space peaceful and inviting. Dedicate some time for yourself to meditate. Sit comfortably. Focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and allow your feelings to arise. It may be insecurity, fear of change, anger, restlessness. Take in your hands a stone that represents the feeling you wish to release. As you hold it, concentrate on imprinting the energy of the feeling you wish to eliminate.

    Take your jar and as you say out loud:

    “I release my feelings of insecurity”,

    place the stone in the jar. Close the jar tightly. In the next following two weeks, when you experience similar feelings, repeat the process. Once your jar us full, empty it, cleanse the stones and let them recharge on the next Full Moon.

    As an additional purifying step take a cleansing bath. Fill your muslin bags with chamomile dry flowers and let them steep in the hot water (or add chamomile essential oil). While you bathe, relax, and visualize white light, that enters your whole being and makes space for new beautiful feelings and thoughts that you would like to experience. Let this feeling be your guiding vibration, no matter what surprise Full Moon brings you.