Manifesting abundance

  • North node in Taurus: manifesting abundance

    Transiting North Node in the sign Taurus

    Image source: PNGtree

    North Node in Taurus: the Universe is once again shifting gears in the cosmic energies. Now wants to reconnect us with abundance on every possible level! From the January 19th, the North and South node will definitely change their signs and enter the Taurus-Scorpio polarity.

    What are the Lunar Nodes?

    The points where the Moon on her path while orbiting the Earth crosses the ecliptic are called Lunar Nodes. Ecliptic is a great circle on the celestial sphere representing the sun’s apparent movement during the year. The crossing of the Moon’s trajectory with ecliptic causes cosmic energetic vortexes to form. Even though the Nodes are just points and not actual celestial bodies, that doesn’t decreases their power. These vortexes can stimulate our energetic field and our frequency, just any other body in our Solar system.
    The North Node represents our area of growth and the life lessons we’re integrating. We are invited to have trust and courageously step into the unknown. North Node is always reminder what we need to learn and how we can work on our own self-mastery. The South Node is describing our comfort zone and all the skills we have mastered very well.  We are very accustomed to this energy and everything relating to the South Node is actually operating from our subconscious mind. With its energy, South Node points us what we need to release in order to grow.

    Taurus-Scorpio polarity: tapping into abundance we are surrounded with

    The Nodes of the Moon change their signs roughly every year and a half. For lunar nodes to make a full circle around the Zodiac takes approximately 18 and a half years.  And on the January 19th we have that the North Node will enter sign Taurus, while South Node will enter Scorpio. These are very important cosmic shifts as they announce new energies that are coming to us with series of Eclipses during the 2022.
    As the North Node enters Taurus, our collective consciousness has more opportunity to reconnect with mother Earth. In that grounding presence we can fully embody all the lessons we have learned while the North Node was in Gemini. Taurus brings the vibration of peace where we can feel our inner guidance and deeply understand our emotional experiences of the last two years.

    You are already resourceful

    The sign of determined Bull brings further our attention to our resources. They help us build our foundation and structure as we are oriented towards future. Our resources are what help us feel secure, comfortable and stable within us. As we will experience high portals of energies coming with Eclipse seasons, The Universe is asking us to review what we need to become more self-reliant. How we can better nurture our dreams? What do we truly need in order to bring them to fruition? This is the moment to tend to our own needs and bring supportive routines, amidst any chaos around us. The Universe is sending us very important message – that we are our greatest resource.

    But, this transition of the Lunar Nodes is also here to remind us how abundant we already are. Connecting back to our already affluent nature is a way for us to allow more abundance to flow to us – now, in this vey moment. We are born in the sea of plenty and the Taurus and Scorpio are teaching us that this is our birth right. Through societal programming we are taught that we need first to DO/HAVE a lot of things in order to be/feel prosperous. This is not the case. In order to be abundant, we simply need to feel in our true nature and know it. Embodying the feeling of abundance first, allows you to act in abundant ways. Acknowledging how abundant you already are while practicing gratitude helps you receive in abundant ways in return.

    North Node in Taurus: unconditional self-worth is what attracts more abundance

    Both signs, Taurus and Scorpio teach us that our manifesting power lies in cultivating unconditional self-worth. We need to feel worthy of our desires in other to feel motivated to work towards our dreams. On the other hand, both Taurus and Scorpio have deeply ingrained fear around security. This can act as an energetic obstacle on our manifesting journey. And while the South Node will be in the sign Scorpio, the Universe is showing us we are ready to release and transform these very low vibrations. We are raising our self-awareness that we are ready to  enter new level of collective consciousness. Scorpio will help us work through and integrate our shadows so we can let go of any controlling and obsessive behavior. We have opportunity to see our traumas in a different light and release our identification with them. This can also signify a certain closure of the need to be constantly attached to our dysfunctional patterns. And instead, look for supportive energies that help us feel complete.
    These energies will be more prominent with the Eclipses that sign Scorpio and Taurus will host this year. We will have many life experiences where the Universe will send us opportunities to invite more abundance in our lives. If you want to learn more about these celestial events, we invite you take a look at our Manifesting with Eclipses guide.