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November 23, 2020by maja0

In this article, we take a deeper look at the energies of the Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Our special focus goes to the Gemini Full Moon ritual as a self-care practice to help us use the energy of the Lunar Eclipse and make profound changes in our lives.

The energy of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The start of the Sagittarius season kicks off with Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on November 30th. Eclipses are always special periods of the year, signifying changes in our life directions. With Lunar Eclipse this can mean some sort of end and culmination is approaching. It’s the way of the Universe telling us it is time to do a thorough clean-up and release of old energy so we can make space for new things to enter our lives with the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse.

A Lunar Eclipse is a very potent Full Moon. During that time, the Moon moves into Earth’s shadow, as the Sun, Moon, and the Earth are very closely aligned. During this Lunar eclipse, we have the Sun in Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon in Gemini, which is partially eclipsed.  Both Gemini and Sagittarius are avid learners, concerned with the mysteries of life. They find intricate ways how to communicate the truth they unravel and all they have learned on their quest for wisdom. Gemini is focused on details and little things that make us happy. She is very analytical in her approach, drawing conclusions from myriad experiences that she lives daily.

Sagittarius helps us define the vision of our life and what new experiences we can embrace in order to facilitate our personal growth. Together, Sagittarius and Gemini hold expansive views with the depth and width of the knowledge – and all the details in between.

Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is here to remind us which parts of our lives we can expand and where we can search for additional knowledge. To truly align with the highest vibration of the Gemini sign we have to be able to understand her essence. Gemini’s energy is playful, restless, thrives on constant stimulation and amusement. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the Cosmic messenger. Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house in our natal chart. This is the area that indicates how we think and communicate our feelings, thoughts, and observations. In her highest expression, Gemini is able to observe without judgment. This ability to look at life from a different perspective gives her the opportunity to become a diligent researcher, a collector of ideas, information, and all the details to make one ‘picture’ complete.

That’s why Gemini so perfectly complements the energy of the Sagittarius – giving life and playfulness to the frame of our life – defined by Jupiter and Sagittarius. As Gemini helps us refine our communication, Sagittarius the natural ruler of the 9th house gains meaning through truth and higher knowledge. Together they help us understand how our mind works. We can better understand how we process information: Do we use our stories as a means of justifying our behaviors and actions or we direct our thinking in ways to build new awareness and reality? This is the key moment in working with these energies and understanding this Lunar Eclipse. This is a reminder to us that it is time to replace our old stories and enter a new chapter of our lives. This Full Moon illuminates certain parts of ourselves, helpings us decode where we need to be more open to new ideas, to be more communicative, and speak our truth.   This Full Moon is asking us to expand our current perception and see the interconnectedness of all things that form our life.

Additionally, the Lunar eclipse on November 30th hosts the Moon on Aldebaran fixed star (the star of archangel Michael) and the Sun on Antares. Whenever an event or your personal points in the natal chart conjunct fixed stars, there is always a sense of destiny involved. Aldebaran is the royal start of illumination and it is exactly in opposition to Antares, which can signify anger, fear, judgment, and dissatisfaction. These two strong cosmic points activated with Gemini Lunar Eclipse, indicate we are going to be introduced to some new ideas and perspectives that can bring some conflicting emotions and polarized opinions.

We have the opportunity to work on evolving qualities of revelation, peace, fairness, and universal love and transcend any feelings and desires for anger and a violent approach to conflict. Possibly that also we as humanity will be challenged and put to a great test just before the first conjunction Jupiter and Saturn are making in the sign of Aquarius.

Working with Gemini Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on the personal level

On this Gemini Full Moon dedicate time to simply observe your emotions. Explore how you feel without judging your emotions in any way. Be willing and open to learning more about the energies you embody during the day. How your moods shift, what impacts them. Become aware of what kind of thoughts your emotions produce inside of you. Gemini is here to show us that thoughts are just energy and we have the power to change them. They translate all our experiences into the reality we perceive. But also come to an understanding that these perceptions and inner narratives usually stem from our past experiences. We project them to judge our current situation, sometimes without sufficient information. These are stories we adopted maybe in our early childhood or as a result of some past trauma or event. On this Full Moon recognize what stories you repeat to yourself when you are anxious, angry, or fearful. What can you learn about yourself from your emotions? Do you try to shut down your emotions by distracting yourself? Use the energy of this Full Moon to rewrite your inner dialogue in a new and affirmative way to align with the higher vibration of the Gemini sign.

This Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is motivating us to release these disempowering stories so we can widen our view and our perceptions. This allows us to tap into our most expansive potential and bring profound changes to our life. Let go of your defensiveness and justification for how you feel. Come back to the present moment. Redefine your truths so you are able to receive new insights.

Gemini Full Moon ritual

This ritual draws inspiration from the practice of moon journaling. All you will need is to dedicate some time for yourself (at least 15 minutes), your journal, and a pen.


  1. Spend some time in solitude, which will allow you to reconnect with your intuition. Become aware of your feelings, ideas, and stories – all that you recognize you often pay attention to and repeat, all that you recognize is somehow keeping you at a low vibration.
  2. Take your journal and for the following 15 minutes write and describe in detail these feelings and the ways they are preventing you from moving forward. As you analyze your feelings, try to identify the hidden message and lesson within these experiences.
  3. Next, in your journal make a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for.
  4. Use your gratitude list and clarity you gained from your moon journaling as a base to form new affirmative statements to replace your outdated narratives. Read and repeat them often and your vibration and the mood during the day will slowly begin to change. Also, you will notice how your external communication improves as you become more confident in your daily pursuits.

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