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Growing successful business with the moon your personal guide on how to create an abundant spiritual business using lunar cycles. It is written to bring you a greater understanding of how aligning your spiritual biz with moon phases can help you not only create a business with more flow and ease but actually to help you develop such a content marketing plan so you are fully supported by the universal energies. Knowing when to launch, when to develop new products or when to follow up with your clients can help you elevate your business and supercharge its abundance potential.

Here you will find:

  • detailed explanations behind the meaning and power of each lunar phase and how to harness that energy;
  • how to align your biz with moon phases to call in more abundance;
  • journaling prompts to help you stay on the right track;
  • suggested self-care rituals for New and Full Moon for setting intentions, to help you dive into your intuition and imagination;
  • dates for New and Full Moons for 2020 (with both Solar and Lunar Eclipses),

All this information can empower you as you learn about specific traits of each moon phase ad how it can empower your spiritual business. Start today!

I hope you’ll enjoy this ebook and that it will help you to invite more abundance into your life. Plus, if you subscribe today, you get our astroglorious monthly forecast straight into your inbox!

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