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Tired of having to live same old days, trying to manifest your desires, from meditations, affirmations and all other “-ations” you have tried that just keep you feeling like being on a hamster wheel, getting nowhere? Tired of asking the Universe, but not getting the “right” response?

It’s so frustrating, I know. I totally get it.

But here’s the thing. No matter how ‘angry’ you might be at the Universe, with your desire to yell at the clouds and bump your fists in the empty air… it isn’t helpful. As a matter of fact it can make you more distant from your manifestation (which I’ll talk about more later).

All you need is one good system and steps to follow. 

A system and with easy to execute steps that will lead you to really bring your intentions to fruition and you finally living the life you always wanted.

But, first what you need to know is:

The Law of Attraction in its core teaching state that alike attracts alike. In other words, the energy you emit to the world is being given back to you. So if you are in a state of low vibrational thoughts, feelings and actions, most probably you will attract life experiences that are energetic match to them.

The Universe is always bringing us opportunities for our growth and evolution

Every person and situation that enters your life is there for a reason. You might say: ”I didn’t ask the Universe for this!” But that experience came as a response to your current state of consciousness. We must understand that the Universe has a neutral quality. It doesn’t recognize good or bad life experiences. It just reflects our own vibrationally frequency we are at the moment.

The good news is that you by intentionally working on the vibration you cultivate within you, you change what you are inviting into your life. Once we accept and take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions, we start to live a life by design, not by default. That’s the moment when we are becoming in tune with the Universe and how it communicates with us.

Ask the Universe for what you want
5 steps how to ask the Universe for anything

Here’s how to ask the Universe for anything in 5 easy steps

1. Make space for what you want, by releasing what you don’t need

So the first step in your asking the Universe for what you want is to let go of anything that lowers your vibration. That include things, people, situations, feelings, actions, habits… Everything that is weighing you down, is preventing you from living your best life. For many people this can be very difficult. We often identify ourselves with things/people/situations we are attached to. But the more we are able to let go of attachments that are holding us back, the sooner will the Universe respond to our desires.

2. Get clarity on what you want to invite in your life

When you ask the Universe, the more specific you are, the better. If you are not sure what YOU want, the Universe will not be able to clearly respond. The more you are certain of your desire, the more you will be motivated to achieve your goal.

3. Vibrationally align with your desire through actions and attitudes

When you ask the Universe for what you want, you need to understand that your desire is already fulfilled on the energetic level. With your thoughts, feelings and actions you need vibrationally to align with your desired manifestation. In other words, you need to become an energetic match to your fulfilled goal. For example, you might wish for a loving relationship. But If you are not showing loving thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself and other people, you will hardly attract a loving partner. But rather someone who is a vibrational match to your current emotional and mental state.

4. Trust that your manifestation is coming

The truth is also that our dreams and desires are big for a reason. They sometimes require really stepping out of our comfort zone. For some people that initiates fear and anxiety. And instead of being committed to their goals, they simply give up or procrastinate. The Universe will always supports you in your efforts to fulfil your dreams. But you need to cultivate inner trust. Even if your manifestation is not showing soon enough, continue taking action. Continue to improve. The road to our manifestation is not always straightforward or easy. It can have twists and turns. But trust that Universe always has a big plan for you.

5. Foster gratitude by staying committed to your vision

Gratitude is the shortcut to manifestation. When you appreciate all the good in your life, you actually are asking the Universe for more of the good to enter your life. In that process while being committed to your vision you are not impatient of when and how the things will unfold. You are not attached to the outcome, but to the good feeling that gratitude gives you. As you show to the Universe you are committed, you are ready to change and grow. You are ready to step into that version of yourself that has your manifestation. When you embody that feeling of having your manifestation in the present moment, you are sending the message to the Universe you are ready to receive.

A proven manifesting method supported by the Universe is following the Moon cycles.

It’s like the Universe is laid out for us the whole process! You can ask the Universe for anything by applying this method in your life.

The Moon is very important celestial body for the life on earth. It regulates our gravity, the motion of the earth, our climate and sea and oceans. By considering that we humans  are 70% water, the Moon affect us too. Both on emotional, mental and physical level.

The Moon has 2 major phases, the New and Full Moon. The period of the Full Moon and for the next two weeks is when you want to release what doesn’t serve you. The New Moon and the following  two weeks is the moment to work on our intentions and what we want to attract. Every cycle is a chance for us to begin again, to clearly ask the Universe for what we want. It helps us take right actions and work on alignment with our desires.

Want to learn this system and finally start manifesting like a pro?

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