How to surrender to the Universe: a practical guide

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I bet you often ask yourself: “Why everything has to be so hard? Why everything takes so much time and effort?”

And I get it. We all want to have more ease and flow in our life. To have more time for things we really enjoy instead of always  feeling like we are hitting the wall,  getting us only more frustrated and tired. But let me tell you; you certainly don’t need a bigger hammer!

I can assure you there is a better way!

You can learn how to surrender to the Universe and be fully aligned with who you truly are. In this process you are releasing any possible resistance and allowing for the Universe to do its magic and help you manifest your desires.

But here’s the thing:

Surrendering your path to the Universe means that you need to get out of your own way. To have the Universe open the door for you is to consciously raise your vibration and manage your emotions. Journal, listen to some high-vibe music, dance or get creative. Anything that will help you feel better is the work to surrender to the Universe.  Because, the more you feel better, (regardless of your current circumstances), you are sending a message to the Universe you are ready to receive more of the good.

How to surrender to the Universe – a practical guide

1. Gracefully accept your present reality

So the first step in your surrendering to the Universe is the graceful acceptance of your current situation. But the trick is not to be focused on what you are missing. If you are constantly thinking how you are lacking certain things in you life, it only creates the vibration of lack. This is making you distant from your manifestation. Rather, ask yourself how can you be more appreciative of good things already happening in your life? And allow that to be your guiding vibration.

How to surrender to the Universe in 6 easy steps
6 easy steps to follow to surrender to the Universe you can start practicing today!

2. Cultivate gratitude for all coming your way

This leads us to our second step, which is gratitude. They say gratitude is a shortcut to manifestation and I couldn’t agree more. The more things you are grateful for, the more things you’ll attract to be grateful for.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything you wish will just appear before your eyes, but rather you are content and grateful for all you already have, while proactively working towards your goals.

3. Access the power of the present moment

The essential moment here and also the third step is to be living in the present. Your greatest power and ability to change and improve things comes from the present moment. The past is gone. The future is unknown. Thinking about the past only raises anxiety and worrying about the future is just further lowering your vibration. You surrender to the Universe by consciously choosing to be in the now. This will also help you get clarity and confidence to work towards your dreams. “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present”, urges Eckhart Tolle. We should use our past experiences and desires for the future as a guidance and tools to help us make decisions to change our life.

4. Be open to receive

The next step in our surrendering to the Universe is always asking ourselves: how open I am to receive?
Because, as previously described dwelling in the past and worrying about the future, puts an energetic obstacle towards desired manifestation. If you are being overly attached to how things were/are and impatient about what you want to manifest, you are closing the doors to your manifestation.  To let the Universe bring you what you asked for, you need to let go of your attachments, to let go of your fears, doubts, criticism, judgments, insecurities and cultivate more trust. It’s not our job to think about what and how, but to be open to the guidance and allow life force freely to pass through us. This is how we access ultimate ease and flow towards our manifestation.

Repeating to yourself the same old story of why you can’t do something, why you should stay where you are and allow fear to control you – there is no progress. Additionally, distrusting your intuition and disregarding the voice of your soul is closing you away from all the good that is available to you.

If you think you are open, think a bit more, because there is always more room to open for more joy, ease, abundance and freedom. It is also good to ask yourself, how open you are to give? If you feel that you by giving you are losing or feeling depleted in some way –  it is again activating the vibration of lack. Surrendering to the Universe means you are fully open to give and receive in return.

5. Acknowledge there is divine order within the Universe

Being able to surrender to the Universe, brings a sort of certainty and trust that our manifestation is on its way. And the Universe has remarkable ways of delivering blessings to us.

The Universe we live in is defined by certain order and more importantly governed by laws. We can measure the movements of planets and their positions. We are aware of their cyclic rhythm which brings some sort of certainty and assurance that there must be a Divine force or Intelligence that has created all this. And we here on earth are part of the physical expression of this intelligence that flows through us. We are not separate from it, but indispensable part of it.

In conclusion, you believing and trusting that your life will evolve exactly as it should, allows you to have faith in your surrendering to the Universe. In other words, your understanding that you need to loosen your grip and have faith in the Universe brings certainty that your manifestation will come exactly when and how it should. Your task is to keep your vibe high and enjoy everything that life has to offer you.

6. Release the need for control

All these previously mentioned aspects lead us to a final step which is to stop trying to control every detail of our life. This makes room for instead of being in the vibration of resistance to actively participate in the natural unfolding of our life. And every moment is leading us exactly where we need to be to become the best versions of ourselves.

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