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October 10, 2020by maja0

The Libra New Moon invites us to bring greater harmony to our lives. Especially we are reminded to find balance in our relationships. This is a challenging New Moon with a lot of different energies swirling around. It may feel chaotic, confusing, and exhausting. Libra New Moon is an opportunity for us to develop tools and come to new realizations about how we can maintain inner peace, no matter what is happening around us.

The Sun and the Moon are in difficult square with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn. Squares can cause tension and energetic obstacles in our lives. But keep in mind, that is just trapped energy that has to be channeled in the right way. We can choose to go straight through these obstacles, or we can see them as an opportunity for trying things in another way. We are learning that every mountain appearing before us, is to point to the source of our inner strength.

Pluto is a significator of transformation. It also helps us recognize the cycles in our lives. Every end is the beginning of something new. Saturn is the planet of structure, commitment, and responsibility. We are asked to take seriously our role in our own life and review what we are ready to commit to. Jupiter as the planet of expansion and luck gives us further energy and courage to step into uncharted waters. And this whole year has been essentially about learning how to move beyond our self-imposed limitations.

Libra New Moon aspects

These aspects us here to teach us during Libra New Moon how to maintain inner peace, amidst all the adversities we are experiencing in our lives. Pluto reminds us that maintaining harmony in our lives when everything seems to be falling apart is hard. But it is also pointing out that the biggest growth we experience is in the knowledge that the only thing we can control is ourselves. We grant ourselves inner peace. We are witnessing the creation of the new world and Saturn is here to reminds us that we need to put strong foundations and structures. Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. In other words, Saturn encourages us to take a look at our own actions and see how they affect people around us.

Jupiter is asking us to rediscover our own inner trust and faith. New Moons are always about embracing uncertainty. One of the biggest questions posed during this New Moon is how we can find the courage to take that leap of faith and stay true to our visions and intentions – despite the difficulties we are facing? All these events will contribute to a new and evolved understanding of life and ourselves we have.

Additionally, on this New Moon in Libra, we have Mars in opposition to the Sun and Moon. Mars retrograding in Aries is inviting us to explore how we can stay faithful to our soul’s purpose while we are in the relationship. Each opposition we experience is a chance for us to see the truths in a different light and integrate them into our philosophy of life.

With this aspect, you are challenged to find new ways you can follow your own path while being a  supportive and nurturing partner to others.

Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio

Like all this is not already enough, on the Libra New Moon, Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio. We are invited to re-examine our inner talk on a much deeper level.  What stories you have been telling yourself lately? Are they true? How your inner conversation can support you in these challenging times to maintain your inner peace? And as much in some situations, due to Mercury retrograde, we may feel as if all our efforts are futile, this is the way Universe is telling us it is time for realignment. You can easily recognize what is not working for you and take another approach.

With this knowledge about the New Moon in Libra, try to keep yourself calm, free, and grounded as much as possible. Avoid possible conflicts, and instead, surround yourself with beauty and connect with nature. Don’t hurry. Don’t make any rash decisions. Let the energies settle within you. Practice simple yoga and devote time to things that light you inside out. Remember, this New Moon is just a phase on your journey and path. Whatever comes to you, embrace it graciously. The more calm you cultivate, the more you will be able to harness the positive energies of this New Moon in Libra. As an additional idea, check out our New Moon in Libra ritual to help you invite more beauty and peace in your life.

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