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October 5, 2020by maja0

The Libra New Moon ritual is here to help us invite more beauty and peace into our lives. It favors all activities that will help us awaken our inner beauty and balance. This brings us additional clarity we need for setting new intentions with the Libra New Moon. It is easy to follow, but feel free to adjust any of the recommended steps according to your own needs.

Libra New Moon ritual

This ritual consists of two parts. First, part is a purifying bath that allows you to refresh yourself, cleanses you and prepares you energetically for inviting more beauty and harmony into your life.

The second part is a meditation for cultivating inner peace.

The purpose of the sensual bath is to help you reconnect with your inner beauty. It will bring you more confidence in accepting and loving yourself just as you are. Our beauty is something that we own and comes from our attitude we have toward life. It is the vibration we emanate into the world and this ritual will help you restore your inner harmony.

For this ritual you will need:

  • white candles
  • flowers or other adorning elements for your sacred space
  • Himalayan salt
  • lavender essential oil
  • coconut oil
  • yoga mat or cushion to perform your meditation
  • obsidian or pure quartz
  • journal and pen

Instructions to perform Libra New Moon ritual:

Set the tone

To put yourself in a more relaxing mood for the Libra New Moon ritual, play some soft music in the background. Cleanse your space and prepare your bath. Light some white candles to invite a more serene atmosphere. You can decorate your sacred space with flowers, your jewelry, crystals, feathers -anything that you feel inviting and beautiful.

Take a purifying bath

Bathing is a beautiful way, not only for energetic cleansing, but it helps us connect with our intuition and body on a more profound level. To even more bring you sensual, loving nature to the surface, apply this beatifying scrub:

In a small bowl mix 3 tbs of coconut oil, one 1 tbs Himalayan salt, and 5 drops lavender oil. Use this as an exfoliating agent during your bath. Pick one mantra to help you become more aware of your inner beauty.

That might be:

My beauty shines inside out.

My beauty empowers me.

I am an irresistible magnetic force.

I have a charming personality.

My smile conquers every heart.

The words you repeat as you are physically connecting with your body is like casting a spell. They will help you embody that feeling and create new truth for yourself.

Meditation for cultivating inner peace

The second part of the Libra New Moon ritual is a simple meditation for cultivating peace. Once you are ready, take a comfortable position in your sacred space. Take the crystal in your hands. As you close your eyes, inhale deeply. Let go of any tension in your body. Focus on the rhythmic sequence of your breathing and feel into your core. How does the void within feel as you empty yourself with each exhales? Inhale peace, exhale any tension that you are feeling. Allow your being to be filled with peace and calm. Feel yourself centering, balancing, and becoming present.

After the meditation you can take your journal and answer some questions for yourself:

  1. What do I need to maintain my inner peace?
  2. How can I be more accepting and approving of myself?
  3. How is the relationship I have with myself reflected in relationships with other people?
  4. During this Libra New Moon, I set intentions…

When you are done with Moon journaling, wrap up this Libra New Moon ritual with an affirmation.

I love and approve of myself. I am always connected with my highest wisdom to guide. I am cleansed. I am restored. I am at peace.

Happy New Moon!

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