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Are you tired of:

  • being misunderstood for the amazing healing and spiritual gifts you have?
  • feeling confused and not knowing who you are meant to serve?
  • struggling to promote your business and not reaching the right audience?
  • struggling to define a unique marketing message that clearly portraits your products/services?
  • feeling desperate for not reaching your sales goals?
  • working long hours, being frustrated but still not getting results?

Then you are in the right place. Lunar Cycle Mastermind is a unique coaching experience. I help my clients transform their business in a way that allows them to fully utilize their unique spiritual gifts while serving their ideal soul clients. The clients who recognize the value of their work and are a perfect match on the vibrational and energetic level.

In the Lunar Cycle Mastermind, we do this work together where our focus is on recognizing who your soul client is, and what’s that enchanting marketing message that will help you attract her. Together, we will define such a marketing strategy so that you can become more confident and brave in pursuing your business and sale goals.

Your business and career can be fulfilling and inspiring, full of satisfied customers that you helped and changed their lives. You deserve that lightness, easiness, and flow in your business where you jump out of the bed in the morning, ready to take on your day, knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives. You deserve a business that nourishes not only your clients but also nurtures you on every possible level and provides you a life you’ve been dreaming of.

If you came across this page, this is because you know there is something missing and that no matter how much you work, you can’t achieve that sale’s mark you set for yourself.

And you are passionate about your work. You love sharing your gifts and helping people in every possible way. You are very intuitive and spiritual but somehow you often find yourself misunderstood or that people don’t appreciate what you have to give. Serving customers that don’t see value in your work and gifts often leaves you empty, depleted, and disappointed. You easily find yourself frustrated, unfulfilled, and tired.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, you need that satisfaction in knowing you actually have helped someone and changed their lives. Because you have that power inside of you.

And I totally know that feeling.

For many years I worked in academia. I am a trained scientist with a thriving career as a University professor. Astrology was more of my hobby, something I liked to practice for myself and a few friends. Never considered it to be my true profession. And I often shut down my gift, because it didn’t blend with my “science persona”. Until 2 years ago when I suffered from a severe head injury that resulted in brain damage.

Recovery was long and difficult, but I knew that going back to work in the highly stressful environment was out of the question. I decided it’s now time to spread my wings and use all of my talents. That’s how Lunar Cycle Mastermind was born. My business experience and education and my passion for astrology is a perfect combination to help other women, spiritual entrepreneurs build a thriving business (you can read my full story here).

It’s time to get unstuck and let the world know about you and your amazing talents and gifts. As a spiritual entrepreneur, you want to attract the clients who are your ideal match on that soul level, that recognize your unique talents and value you can make in their lives.

And for every business to thrive the core information is the knowing and awareness of who your soul client is. According to different researches, many companies struggle with positioning in the market due to a lack of understanding of who their soul audience is. From that understanding depends on how you will position yourself as a brand, what is your marketing approach and how you will present your offerings. Lunar Cycle Mind is specifically designed to help you with all these questions.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • find clarity about who is your soul audience, create a marketing plan and strategy that actually works;
  • stand out from your competition and be valued, appreciated, and paid for your amazing gifts;
  • position your business as a brand on the market;
  • Reach your sales and financial goals with more ease and less frustration;
  • feel supported on your journey, instead of isolated, lonely, and confused;
  • break through your fears and gain greater confidence as a spiritual entrepreneur;
  • bring more ease and flow in how you manage your business.

In Lunar Cycle Mastermind, I offer a unique methodology where I blend information from your birth chart and my 20 years-long experience in business, mentorship, and marketing. We are combining ancient wisdom with cutting-edge marketing strategies so you gain clarity about who can truly benefit from your products/services. And in a way that you not only attain but retain customers, who are happy with your service and return for more. You are also able to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the group, share experiences and support each other.

Additionally, we will work on defining a schedule that is aligned with lunar cycles and universal energies so you can feel more energized and confident in your work.

Living in accordance with the Moon brings us the awareness of changing fluctuations that influence our daily experience. This is an opportunity for igniting personal empowerment, as you open yourself to embracing the gifts of your daily life. You will learn how to tap into your divine, feminine energy and use it to create the ultimate vision of your life and business. By aligning our daily activities with moon cycles we are inviting more ease and flow and releasing resistance. Any procrastination, overwhelm and frustration simply dissipates when we arrange our schedule in a way we can intuitively manage our daily tasks, prioritize, and have finally time for things that bring the most pleasure. We have more time for self-care, for our families and friends.

But also lunar cycles help us better understand the changing moods and needs of our audience on a daily basis. We will use the power of astrology and lunar cycles to develop your unique marketing and content plan that is supported by the universal energies and cosmic cycles.

No more frustration and scratching your head about what and when to do. From content marketing planning to scheduling important business activities, you will learn how to focus and direct your energy on the most important goals so you can feel accomplished and productive. This will help you use your intuition in a way so you better prioritize and recognize what demands your immediate attention. It is about effectively managing your day, your resources, emotions, incorporating self-care, and how to achieve better life-work balance.

Through this work in the Lunar Cycle Mastermind you will:

  • feel empowered and confident in using your gifts to help your clients;
  • gain clarity on who your soul client is;
  • craft a compelling marketing message and strategy that will help you attract your dream audience;
  • clarity how to design an offer that is irresistible to your soul client;
  • how to position yourself as a brand on the market;
  • how to stand out from the competition by fully utilizing your unique gifts;
  • how to bring more ease and flow into your work and marketing efforts by aligning your activities with moon cycles;
  • your unique content marketing plan supported by cosmic energies;

In just 8 weeks we will totally revamp your business approach, your marketing strategy and ditch the overwhelm. Lunar Cycle Mastermind is planned to start in early April. Let’s have a chat and explore if this work is suitable for you and I can put you on the waiting list so you are on time informed with our launching date.

TestimonialsWhat our clients say

“I just finished reading all the attachments and I must say that was phenomenal! When I saw your site I fell in love with the style and I can tell you are very passionate about it. I never had a reading before in astrology and this one hit me so well. The explanation of how my own mind can be so overwhelming that I need silence to connect with my intuitive self is exactly how I feel.  I have a deeper understanding of astrology now that all my placements were put together is a beautiful puzzle.

Beth A.


“This planner is simply INCREDIBLE! It contains so much valuable information in help you develop your best self-care practice around the lunar cycles and harness the power of the moon! I am in complete awe. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Emma L.


“I loved every bit of this reading! I have a greater understanding of who my soul client is and no more being confused and frustrated. I know how I can use my creativity productively and speak to my audience the way they understand the true transformation I can bring to their lives. I already see a difference in how the new marketing approach is positively impacting my sales.”

Mira Dj.



Improve your spiritual biz with an enchanting marketing message that converts and sells.


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