Mercury retrograde in Libra – the last of the cycles in 2021

Three or four times a year there is an event in astrology that we call Mercury retrograde. This ‘backward’ motion is not real, it is just an optical illusion as we observe Mercury’s path around the Sun. When Mercury goes retrograde, life seems to slow down, we easily become forgetful, clumsy, make mistakes and it is hard for us to follow through with our plans. We may be confronted we a lot of challenges and it times it might feel like the whole Universe is against us! Many situations and people from our past start to appear, reminding us of some unresolved issues that demand our attention.

Mercury in Astrology rules both signs – Virgo and Gemini. That includes our speaking, decision making, thinking, buying and selling, traffic, electronics, negotiating, contracts, written documents, teaching, listening, writing, travel, mail and shipping, transport. All of these areas are affected with Mercury retrograde and we can experience delays, cancelations, postponing, and mistakes in all these matters. As we are challenged, we might react irrationally and recklessly as we usually don’t have sufficient information that we need to make the right decision. For that reason is advisable not to sign any contract or important documents, engage in crucial decision-making or launch a new business or project.

But instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, this is the period where we can take a journey inward; to reflect on our lives and see what has been wrong, what has been missing. Mercury rules our mind which is like a garden. Each thought we think is a seed of experience we invite into our reality. And often a flower that blooms in our garden is not a flower representing our true self, but a reflection of what others expect of us to be. As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing blossoms don’t portrait the full beauty of who you truly are.

This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and discover your authentic self below all the layers the society and your environment told you, you should be. It is about recentering and remembering your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

Finding balance and inner peace

Mercury will retrograde from September 27th till October 22nd in the sign Libra. As Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, we are invited to look at our relationships. Especially the one we have with ourselves. How much do we devote our time and energy to our dreams, desires, and needs? Because, only when we satisfy our own needs we are able to become thoughtful and caring partners to others. Mercury retrograding in Libra is also inviting us to observe how do we feel and react during the day. Notice the moments when you feel out of balance and try to pinpoint what is exactly disturbing your inner peace. Journal your feelings and come to a knowing that not every storm in your life is there to break you, but to show you how resilient you are.

This is a beautiful way of restoring the relationship you have with yourself and inner trust – that you are the only person who can grant yourself inner peace. From that understanding review relationships with other people. How supportive and nurturing they are on your journey? How are you able to adequately respond to your partner’s needs? Reflect on these questions during Mercury retrograde in Libra, as it will help you bring a greater understanding of the role and significance you have in your relationships.

Mercury in Libra is a reminder to review the relationship we have with technology. As we might encounter problems with our phones or computers it is good time reflect, have we become too dependant on technology? How can we be more self-reliant in our problem-solving? And also, with all the time we spend on social media and the content we are consuming, are we aware of the dimensions of how to that impact our inner peace? If we were to have fewer distractions, how that would impact our productivity and the ability to manifest our dreams? These are all important questions that we nudged to think about the following three weeks.

Mercury retrograde in Libra aspects

As Mercury transits Libra in this retrograde cycle, it will make a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This is an opportunity to expanding our minds on all past ideas we have and give them a new purpose and meaning. This favors a confident, optimistic, and curious mindset where we have a fine balance between the vision we want to build upon and the details and steps needed to get us there. It also favors reconnecting with old friends and visiting places that are dear to our hearts and we have pleasant memories. This aspect also brings opportunities to develop some skills and talents that we have maybe forgotten or that we may need to improve.

And one of the more difficult aspects will be square between Mercury in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect gives us deep and direct thinking, but also our communication can be often sharp and edgy. It is good to keep in mind these qualities during this cycle of Mercury retrograde as it negatively impacts our relationships. On the positive side, this aspect is excellent for working on your shadow self and uncovering any deeply rooted blocks that might be preventing you from manifesting your desired life.

If you want to prepare for this Mercury retrograde cycle, I recommend you have a look at our newly published Mercury retrograde journal as it will give you all the tools you need to use this period to your own advantage.