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September 24, 2020by maja0

Moon journaling during the First Quarter phase

Moon journaling is a beautiful practice to help us stay on our path of manifesting intentions. It helps us look at our life circumstances from a different perspective and search for creative solutions to move in the desired direction. While the Moon is in the First Quarter, Sun and the Moon form a square, a 90 degrees aspect that might bring some sort of uneasiness and discomfort. We may face first obstacles, and at the moments we may feel even discouraged. After setting intentions during the New Moon in Virgo, now the Moon in Capricorn is inviting us to be proactive in finding ways to realize our intentions.

To lean into the highest vibration of the Capricorn sign, feel her stabilizing energy, and let her help you develop structure and methodic plan to achieve your goals.

Capricorn is the sign of perseverance, determination, reminding us that our dreams require from us complete devotion and patience. Many mountains that we are facing on our path we are trying to carry with us, instead of developing step by step strategic plan to conquer them.

Journaling prompts for the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

This is the creative part of the waxing phase where Capricorn’s focus and steady, grounding energy is here to help us break through any obstacles we might encounter. While Sun is in Libra we are invited to look at how we can maintain an inner balance where both our life and work are in beautiful harmony. How our relationships are supportive of our path? These are just some of the questions that might pop up in our awareness. To dive deeper into this energy, follow these moon journaling prompts to help you further:

  1. Review your feelings: is there anything that feels like its out alignment? How do you maintain your work-life balance?
  2. Gain focus and straight up your priorities: How can you develop a strategic plan toward manifesting your intentions? What would help you to move forward?
  3. Are your relationships supportive and nurturing in helping you achieve your goals? What can be improved?
  4. What self-nurturing practices help you maintain inner peace? How can you invite more of that in your life?
  5. How can you raise your energy?

Now, take your moon journal and dedicate some time for yourself to answer these prompts. Don’t hurry. Take all the time you need to connect with your intuition. This is a beautiful and gentle way to work through your feelings. Don’t judge whatever comes to the surface. This practice is here to help you gain greater awareness of your emotions and how you can break through any energetic blocks – just in preparation for the Aries Full Moon.

To fully benefit from your moon journaling you can perform the waxing phase self-care moon ritual. For more inspiration, check out our newly published “Nurtured by the Moon” journal and planner.

Enjoy your writing!

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