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October 2, 2020by maja0

Moon journaling during the Aries Full Moon

Moon journaling prompts for Aries Full Moon can help us work through any difficult emotions. Aries is a sign of initiative, inspiration, and motivation. But also as low vibration, this fiery energy can invoke anger, resentment, and fear. Each Full Moon comes with many different aspects and we have conscious choice to align with the highest vibration of the zodiac sign in which the Full Moon is happening.

Additionally, it is good to keep in mind that Full Moon always illuminates some parts of our life. This helps us gain awareness where we should turn our focus. It is an opportunity for training our minds to become observant. The more we observe repeating patterns and emotional triggers they bring, the easier is going to be for us to enhance our healing.

Moon journaling is an ideal practice. It allows us to reflect on our life experience, our emotions, and to recognize these energetic blockages that we can release. As we work with Aries energy, it is good to remember that bellow any anger and fear is somewhere buried desire and passion. We have the power to awaken these energies inside of us. Removing what doesn’t serve us anymore, allows us to align with our purpose and follow our path.

Moon journaling prompts for the Aries Full Moon

Considering that this Full Moon is also happening in the Libra season, it is good to reflect on our own relationships. How we are able to satisfy our own needs within the relationship? Are we equal partners? What do we need to maintain inner peace? These are just some thoughts to help you move into meditative moon journaling practice.

When you are ready, take your moon journal and answer the following questions:

  1. When you are faced with obstacles, what is your primary reaction? What feelings are you experiencing?
  2. How is that impacting your relationships? Are you giving yourself enough space and time to process your emotions?
  3. What do you need to keep your inner calm? How self-nurturing practices can help you regain inner harmony?
  4. What energetic obstacles do you recognize within yourself? How releasing them can help you reconnect with your purpose and passion?
  5. What gives you the motivation to persist on your path? How can you invite more of that into your life?
  6. I am ready to release…

In this process is important you don’t judge yourself. Just let the paper hold whatever comes up. Sit with your emotions. Try to understand them. Release them with gratitude for the new awareness they have brought. To amplify this practice, even more, perform a Full Moon ritual for release. Through this mindful practice, you can prepare for the gentle Libra New Moon that comes in two weeks. If you learn how journaling can help you bring more inner calm, check out our new “Nurtured by the Moon” journal and planner for 2021.

Happy journaling!

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