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October 6, 2020by maja0

Moon journaling during last quarter

Moon journaling through the last quarter phase in Cancer is our tool and practice to help us cleanse and clear what no longer serves us.

The last Quarter happens when the Moon is in the final phase of her journey through the lunar cycle. Square as an astrology aspect is not an easy one. It creates discomfort and tension in our lives. But this is only with one purpose. We are invited to review deep places of our consciousness and recognize where our resistance comes from.

Last Quarter Moon is a phase that mirrors where we have energetic blockages. Those may be behavioral patterns or thoughts that prevent us from achieving our goals. This phase of the moon is our roadmap to show us what is not serving us anymore.

If we decide to tap into this energy we may experience a powerful release. We are learning that are many things we cannot control in our lives. As we let go, we make space for new developments to enter with the New Moon.

Moon journaling during this phase introduces us to a meditative state where we have deeper insights into our emotions and intuition. It’s about bringing that awareness to help us break through our disfunctional patterns and accelerate growth.

Moon journaling prompts for the last quarter in Cancer

After very intense Aries Full Moon, now the Moon in Cancer is asking us to access the most vulnerable sides of ourselves. We are encouraged to get a greater connection with our intuition and feelings. As this period can be very emotional, instead of trying to shut down your feelings, allow yourself to be fully immersed in them. Let them talk to you. Hear your intuition. There is much valuable information for you. What do you need? How are your relationships making you feel? In which area of your life you feel extremely sensitive? When you suppress your feelings you are suppressing your intuitive knowing. But things change when you dive deep. You will naturally recognize where your resistance comes from and how to release it.

Use the following moon journaling prompts while Moon is in Cancer to help you in this process:

  1. Review your feelings: What am I experiencing at the moment?
  2. What causes me to feel like this? What these feelings are trying to tell me?
  3. How my feelings are impacting my relationships? Do they impact my judgment and communication?
  4. How can I shift my perception and thinking to move beyond these emotions?
  5. What do I need to return home within myself? How can I nurture myself to restore my inner peace?
  6. What can I let go to invite more easiness in my life?

Journaling is one of the most effective and accessible tools we can use to shift our vibration and work through our energetic obstacles. Allow yourself to write as much as you can. Don’t judge your words. They are simply reflecting your inner emotional world. You will gain much more clarity on how to proceed forward with your decisions. Remember, Libra New Moon is just a week ahead and it is a beautiful chance for setting new intentions to bring you closer to your goals.

For more inspiration and how to work with the moon phases, check out our latest moon journal for 2021.

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