Manifesting with Eclipses: understanding unique messages from the Universe



Prepare for the powerful Eclipse season with amazing tools, information, and guidance that will help you harness the Divine wisdom of the Universe and accelerate your manifestation!

Eclipses are super-charged New and Full Moons and urgent calls from the Universe where and how we can change and improve our life.

Eclipses are essentially wild cards on our manifesting journey!

These are special messages that we receive every sixth months when high vortex energy portals are open and we are directed towards our true life path and self-actualization. They are there to shake the status quo, stir up our energy and help us move in the right direction. They often can be very emotional, especially if we are not accustomed to change and stepping out of our comfort zone. So this guide is developed to help you understand what Eclipses are, how they occur and how they might affect you in your life. But most importantly, this guide is here to raise your awareness that you are a conscious co-creator and by working with the energies of the Universe your manifestation process accelerates.

Using this guide you will learn:

  • What Eclipses are and why they occur;
  • How they impact our everyday life;
  • Which area of your life is activated by Eclipse and how to use it to your own advantage;
  • How despite your current circumstances, by following certain ‘rules’ you can positively impact your manifestation process;
  • Powerful rituals to help you raise your frequency and align with your desire.

The more we are ready to work with these energies, the more we will be able to manifest what we truly desire.

In this 56-page, fully color illustrated guide  you will also find:

  • Recommendations on how to prepare for Eclipse season;
  • Time-table with dates for Solar and Lunar Eclipses for the next 5 year;
  • Detailed instructions on how to read in your own natal chart where the Solar/Lunar Eclipse is happening;
  • Meaning and explanations of Solar Eclipses through Zodiac signs and houses;
  • Meaning and explanations of Lunar Eclipses through Zodiac signs and houses;
  • Affirmations to help you align with the energy of the Universe;
  • Grounding practices to help you raise your frequency;
  • Inspirational quotes for further motivation;
  • Rituals for attracting new opportunities and for release;
  • Journaling prompts to help you get clarity on how to amplify your manifesting journey during the Eclipse season.

So make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and get on the journey of learning how to use this powerful energy:  how to align yourself and your actions with it so you can release what has been blocking you and open yourself for new opportunities and beginnings.

This is a PDF file, and once your payment is processed you will get confirmation email with a link for a direct download.

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