Mercury retrograde journal ~ 21 days to blossom into your true self


Learn how to use powerful Mercury retrograde cycles to transform your life and align with your most authentic self. Embrace who you truly are, without hesitation and tap into your full potential.


Insightful, empowering, and beautiful – this journal is exactly what you need to help you navigate through Mercury retrograde chaos
and help you revamp your life! You know those days when you are losing your keys all the time, miss your bus and computer crashes just before you saved your file? Well, don’t worry! You are not clumsy and forgetful! It’s just that period of the year when everything seems to simply go wrong: it’s Mercury retrograde!

But instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, this is the period where we can take a journey inward; to reflect on our lives and see what has been wrong, what has been missing. Mercury rules our mind which is like a garden. Each thought we think is a seed of experience we invite into our reality. And often a flower that blooms in our garden is not a flower representing our true self, but a reflection of what others expect of us to be. As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing blossoms don’t portrait the full beauty of who you truly are. This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and discover your authentic self below all the layers the society and your environment told you, you should be. It is about recentering and remembering your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

This journal will motivate you to dig deep into your roots and find out all these details you have buried beneath, that is yearning for your attention and nourishment. It is time to pull out the weeds of insecurity, anxiety, and fear so you can blossom into your most
magnificent self. So instead of this time being experienced as one large communicative mishap and distasteful joke from the Universe, we can view it as an essential part of our growth and evolution. As Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year, you can consider it as your quarterly check-in with yourself – where you are and where you want to be.

Here you will find all information you need to get prepared for the Mercury retrograde and how to use it to your own advantage. It will help you to embrace and attune to the natural cycles of the Universe and how this period can be your empowering time to focus on your growth and reinventing yourself. This journal guides you in a reflective manner to look deep within, connect your mind and intuition in ways you can access the most secluded parts of your being, and work on your self-betterment.

The journal besides the explanation of the astrological meaning and significance of Mercury retrograde guides you through the importance of this period to work on your self-growth. Here you will additionally find:
– How to prepare for Mercury retrograde
– Mercury retrograde self-care
– Mercury retrograde do’s and don’ts
– Mercury retrograde ritual
– Mercury retrograde through elements
– Mercury retrograde through Zodiac signs
– Mercury retrograde dates until 2031
– Mercury retrograde affirmations
– Mercury retrograde survival plan
– Mercury retrograde check-up list
– Mercury retrograde meditation
– Mercury retrograde card reading
– Mercury retrograde and spiritual growth
– Writing space with journaling prompts for 3 Mercury retrograde
periods (which covers one whole year).
Journal is printed on 120 gr high-quality recycled paper. It has 150 pages with plenty of room for you to write and explore your creativity. You can write, doodle, sketch, (or use beautiful illustrations for coloring patterns) – whatever inspires you to awaken parts of you that you might find are blocked and you are called into work on.

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