Personal“Nurtured by the Moon” birth chart reading


Transform your life and tap into your highest potential through the guidance of the Moon! “Nurtured by the Moon” birth chart reading brings your greater clarity on your soul purpose, concrete plan, and tools to help you manifest your intentions. With the proven system and self-care practices, you will learn how to understand your emotions, manage your energy, reconnect with your passion in a way to help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. Your natal chart contains an immense treasure on your internal strength, uniqueness, and special gifts you have to share with the world. And this reading will help you unearth this valuable information.


Do you frequently ask yourself:

What is my true path?

Why do I feel stuck and cannot move forward with my goals?

How can I tap into my highest potential and align with my true self?

How do I recognize my true purpose and what I am passionate about?

How do I resolve my past traumas so I can allow myself to heal, grow, and open to new opportunities?

As a result of your personal consultation, you will have

  • greater awareness of your true gifts and soul purpose
  • more clarity what your personal strengths are and how to harness their power
  • a better understanding of your emotional patterns and how to move through certain energetic blockages so you can heal and grow into the person you are at your core
  • rekindle your passion for life and invite more joy
  • how to apply certain steps and action plan to help you move forward toward your goals
  • recommendations of self-care practices to help you manage your energy levels and keep you rested and productive.

In practice

After you have booked your reading, I will contact you to schedule a Skype call at a time that is convenient for you. During the session that lasts an hour, we will analyze your birth chart with a great focus on the qualities of your natal moon. This will give us a clear picture of your innate talents and strength, but also possible challenges you might be facing. Analysis of your natal moon opens to the door to your emotional world and what do you need to maintain inner harmony and peace. This is an essential step as it helps us determine how you can harness the moon’s energy so you can manifest what you desire.

Based on the position of your North and South node we will able to determine what is your soul’s purpose and how you can further grow and advance in your life.

Knowing on which goals you want to focus we will make an action plan for you that is easy to follow. According to information on the New and Full Moon that will transit the houses of your natal chart, you will have a clear vision on which area of life when to focus on and how to make profound changes. This is a personal plan developed especially for you, based on the path of the moon and lunar nodes in your natal chart. This proven system of working with the moon phases will help improve your habitual patterns so you can easily manage your energy and tackle your goals in a productive manner. With a clear vision of your purpose, your strengths, and what you are truly passionate about you will not be easily sidetracked, but rather with confidence and courage, you will be able to make the best of every opportunity that comes to your way.

To fully support you on your new self-care path, you will get recommendations for healing crystals, essential oils, and flower essences you can use, in order to help you fine-tune your vibrational signature.

After the session, you will get a PDF report with an outlined plan, dates, key points to get you focused and help you work towards your goals. I am always open for your further questions and additional support.


“Thank you Maja, this consultation gave me more insights about my future career possibilities and how can I make the best of the coming year!”


“You did a wonderful job with this report Maja. Now I’m very confident in my decisions and have no doubt about realizing my plans.”


“I simply cannot stop thinking about what you told me about emotions and eating habits, and how it is connected to sign Virgo. It so in detail explains how am I shutting down myself with eating and all the recommendations you gave me are already giving results. Thank you for your help and looking forward in working with you in near future.”

D. C.


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