“Nurtured by the Moon” journal and planner 2021 digital version


Moon journal for the year of magical self-care.


Prepare for the powerful 2021 year of self-care with amazing tools, information, and guidance that will help you align with the energy of the Moon and harness the Divine wisdom of the Universe!

How this journal can help you in this process?

You may already ask yourself frequently: Why do I sometimes have so much energy, I feel like I can conquer the world?… and sometimes I’m really tired, all I want to do is sleep and rest? Well, let me tell you – you are not alone: everybody does! It is completely natural!

And you probably know that the Moon influences our body, mind, and emotions to quite an extent. But how? Can you improve your energy levels, mood, the way you plan your day and achieve your goals by aligning your daily rhythm with the Moon cycle?

Yes, you can!

Living in accordance with the Moon brings us the awareness of changing fluctuations that influence our daily experience. This is an opportunity for igniting personal empowerment, as you open yourself to embracing the gifts of your daily life. This moon journal and astrology information within these pages is your roadmap and guide. As you work through this journal you will unravel layer by layer, ancient wisdom that brings you an understanding of how laws of nature impact you. You will learn how to tap into your divine, feminine energy and use it to create the ultimate vision of your life. You will be able to fully connect with your body, mind, and spirit through powerful moon rituals so you can enhance your self-care and gain confidence for manifesting your intentions.

What sets this moon journal and planner from others?

This journal is jammed-packed with different meditation techniques, healing energy tools and journaling prompts to bring you more inspiration, confidence and emotional balance on your journey of attaining your goals.

And not to forget: you can easily manage your day for better productivity with the weekly planner!

Additionally “Nurtured by the Moon” journal contains:

  • annual/monthly calendar with lunar phases and exact dates for New, Full Moon, Solar, and Lunar Eclipses;
    • a detailed guide through the energies of each moon phase;
    • instructions on how to perform your New Moon and Full Moon rituals;
    • crystals for each New and Full Moon, along with an appropriate selection of essential oils and flower essences;
    • insights on astrological energy for each Zodiac season, New/Full Moon, Solar, and Lunar Eclipse;
    • daily planner with appointments manager, fitness tracker, and meal planner with eating guidance;
    • journaling prompts to help you set your New Moon intentions and restoration practices for Full Moon;
    • how to take care of your body, mind, and spirit during each Zodiac season;
    • inspiring quotes to keep you motivated;
    • a space to write your mantras and affirmations to keep you on track with your intentions.

“Nurtured by the Moon”, the moon journal and planner is specifically designed to be A5 format, to be easy to use on any device.  It contains 294 color illustrated pages.

“Nurtured by the Moon” moon journal emerged out of my own many years’ long astrological practice and personal need to have a meaningful self-care routine. Simple practices outlined here are easy to follow and implement and can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. I hope you will enjoy using this planner as much as I did while creating it. Ignite your magic by aligning with the mystical power of the Universe!

Maja, your Astrologer

IMPORTANT: This planner is developed according to 24 hour-clock following UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) standard, which complies with the GMT zone. In the planner you will find a guide for each time zone, so you can easily follow Moon phases and other celestial events. This is a digital version, developed as PDF file. After your purchase, you will be able to download the file. This is not an editable file but is printer-friendly, so you can easily print any page you need and use it as a regular journal.

Raving fans:

“Maja, my planner arrived and my goodness, she is STUNNING. It’s clear that you put so much care, time, and energy into it.

I’m so excited to use it.”


“Can’t wait for the beginning of the year to start using it. The colors are fabulous, and rituals and prompts are so inspiring. This will help me take my self-care to a whole new level! Thank you for creating such a beautiful journal and planner!”