Personal“Soul Client Profile” birth chart reading


Transform your business and tap into your highest potential through the guidance of the stars! Knowing the profile of your soul client is the heart of your spiritual business. It is a foundation upon you create your offerings and marketing message that helps you attract a loyal and committed audience. The Soul Client Profile astrology consultation helps you learn the love language of your audience and brings your greater clarity on who your ideal, soul client is – an ideal match for you on that spiritual and energetic level. It will help you better understand the true essence of your loyal and committed audience. And ultimately you will know how to craft an enchanting marketing message that magically sells and converts. You will also learn how and when to put your marketing strategy into action and plan launches of your programs and services.


As a spiritual entrepreneur do you often struggle:

  • to decipher who you are truly meant to serve – who your soul client is?
  • to attract new clients and ultimately increase sales of your products and services?
  • define a marketing message that clearly articulates the benefits and positive impact your products and service can make in people’s lives?

I know, it can be quite frustrating. Especially if you are a starting business and the world of marketing and positioning of your brand can seem like a total jungle. It’s quite easy to get lost and feel even helpless. And instead of spending hours trying to figure it all out or hiring expensive marketing agencies to do the job who after all may not even understand your healing gifts and the amazingly positive impact they can have on people’s lives, what if the answer all time is hidden within you?

Your soul client is the perfect vibrational match to you and someone who perfectly suits your energetic signature. It is someone who is waiting for your gifts and that you uniquely can offer great help, support, deep healing, and transformation.

And you deserve to work with clients who appreciate the value you bring to them. The answer to this question can be found where most people wouldn’t even try to find it.

But, did you know that your birth chart is a wealth of information – even when it comes to your business and brand? It is a unique blueprint of the cosmic energy at the moment of your birth. Astrology is a beautiful tool that we can use to read the story so well portrayed in the stars. What are our unique spiritual gifts? Who we are truly meant to serve? What is our purpose?

Your natal chart is the key to unlocking the secret of who your soul client is and how to attract her.

From your chart, we can learn how to position you and your business as a brand where your spiritual gifts simply shine and help you stand out from your competitors. We can learn about that heroine that lives in your chart, that you can serve and waits especially for you to help her achieve desired goals and vision. From your natal chart, we can dive deep into the psychology of your audience and learn all about her needs, desires, motivations, and most importantly how to approach her.

As a result of our 45 min consultation, you will:

  • get clarity on who your soul client is;
  • what are her true desires and needs;
  • how to design/improve an offer that fulfills the needs and desires of your soul audience;
  • be able to craft an enchanting marketing message that magnetizes your soul client;
  • better understand when are favorable periods to launch new products and services.

After the session, you will get a PDF report with an outlined key points that were discussed during the session and an action plan on how to proceed on defining your offer and marketing message. Book your consultation today!

P.S. Also review our coaching opportunities where dive really deep into improving your cosmic biz and creating sustainable and profitable marketing strategy.


“Thank you Maja, this consultation gave me more insights about my future career possibilities and how can I make the best of the coming year!”


“You did a wonderful job with this report Maja. Now I’m very confident in my decisions and have no doubt about realizing my plans.”


“I am amazed how this reading was accurate and gives me new insights in which direction to focus the growth of my business. Instead of spinning around without any progress, I have the clarity to take actional steps and make a marketing strategy that will bring me long-term results.



Improve your spiritual biz with an enchanting marketing message that converts and sells.


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