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On November 15th occurs New Moon in Scorpio. This New Moon comes with a lot of new possibilities and supportive energies. In this article, learn how you can harness the power of this cosmic event, through mindful Scorpio New Moon ritual and self-care practices.

The New Moon is a beautiful astronomical and astrological event when the Sun and the Moon are tightly joined together. This is a complete melting of both masculine and feminine energies into one focused strength, helping us bring substantial changes in our lives. When it happens in the sign of Scorpio, the possibilities for personal transformation are even greater. We are motivated to dig deep in our subconsciousness and led by our intuition we can discover long-forgotten truth about ourselves.

Scorpio New Moon

This Scorpio New Moon is especially emotionally intense as we become aware we can’t hide and turn our heads away from what we feel. This is the moment to embrace your shadows and look for creative and gentle ways to work through your emotions – whatever they might be. Under every pain, suffering, or trauma lies a true treasure, a unique power for us to be awakened and harnessed. We have tremendous self-healing power. New Moon in Scorpio is here to show us our path to healing and ultimate self-mastery.

Accepting and working through our emotions

The greatest gift of Scorpio New Moon is not only to show us what our habitual patterns are. It also offers the opportunity to dismantle our dysfunctional behavior and work on building new healthy habits. We can create new patterns that will support our growth and healing. Scorpio New Moon will show who we truly are deep in our core, as long as we are patient, committed, and trust the process.

During this New Moon, we come to an understanding that all our emotions are energy. We have the power to transmute our negative emotions into something positive, creative and more beneficial for us. This understanding starts with us becoming aware of our reactions and where do they come from. As we become more observant of our reactions we are identifying what triggers these emotions. Is it something from our past? Does that really serve the person we want to become? How these reactions are slowing us down in achieving our goals and plans? How do they impact the quality of our life?

Becoming aware of our emotions and their triggers, in this vulnerable honesty is the first step in working through these emotions. Through acceptance and understanding, you will change your habitual reactions and build new, more supportive patterns.

As you stay committed to this path, you will learn that you can turn your anxiety into excitement and your fear into confidence. You are in charge of your emotional reactions. And you manage your energy by creating your own reality. As it may not always be comfortable, know that all storms in your life are not there to destroy you, but rather to show you how strong you are.

Astrological aspects of the Scorpio New Moon

Balancing our needs and desires

Scorpio New Moon brings additional aspects – challenges and opportunities for us to work with. Mars and Venus will not be much in love – actually, they stand in opposition to each other. Venus represents all the things we value in life, what we really love, and our desires. Also, she tells a story about what we need to feel comfortable and secure. On the other hand, Mars talks about our actions and how we manage our energy levels. When these two celestial bodies are in opposition, we might experience a conflict between what we do and what we would like to do. We might feel obliged to do things that don’t bring us joy and we may experience a sort of resistance rising towards our own feelings and desires in our attempt to please another person. The key moment in working with these energies is to recognize through our intuition when we are out of alignment. Finding a balance between our own needs and desires helps us stay committed to our own path while being a supportive and nurturing partner to others.

Setting intentions for long-term goals, through creativity and enhanced spirituality

During Scorpio New Moon, Sun and Moon will be in beautiful trine with Neptune. Neptune is the natural ruler of the sign Pisces, which is also a water sign – just like Scorpio. This helps us to feel our emotions in a way we gain a greater and wider understanding of our place in the world. We are inspired to take action towards achieving our dreams through our creativity and imagination. This is also very spiritual energy, inviting us to have strong faith and trust in our own abilities.

Furthermore, this New Moon comes with additional support. The conjunction of the Sun and the Moon receives uplifting energy from three giants currently placed at the late degrees of the Capricorn sign. The stellium formed by Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, gives us determination and a purposeful plan to achieve our goals. Starting new initiatives is very beneficial now and they may benefit from the growth and expansion of Jupiter. Pluto is all about harnessing and using our internal power, so this is an opportunity to fully utilize our potential and do what can be really transformative and life-changing. We can easily work through our suppressed feelings and in a gentle way release them out of our consciousness. Use our Scorpio New Moon ritual as a supportive practice (read below).

Moon journaling prompts for Scorpio New Moon

Moon journaling is an excellent way to work through our emotions and to identify our emotional triggers. This is an intimate and safe space for us to have deep conversations with ourselves and get a better understanding of our habitual patterns. Scorpio New Moon is an opportunity to work through our difficult emotions and get to the root of what triggers them. In this observant state, we also get the answers on how to form new habits that support our growth and healing. These moon journaling prompts you can also use as your preparation for the ritual described below.

  1. Review your emotions: How do I behave when I’m upset, angry or fearful? What are my primary reactions?
  2. What usually triggers such emotions? Where is the root of these feelings?
  3. How would I feel if I’d change my reactions? How would that impact the quality of my life?
  4. What suppressed feelings do I negate deep inside me? Where do I feel the deepest emotional pain?
  5. What helps me become more grounded and aware of my emotions? Breathing, meditation, walk in nature? How can I bring more of these supportive activities into my life?
  6. During this New Moon, I intent…..

This moon journaling practice you can do as a separate activity or as a part of your Scorpio New Moon ritual.

Ritual for embracing our shadows

Below every pain, suffering, or trauma lies deep understanding and truth that can lead to healing, growth, and ultimate self-mastery. Every difficult experience and feeling is here to show us a new path that leads to inner power, brevity, and confidence. Scorpio New Moon ritual motivates you to be fully honest and vulnerable with yourself. Embracing and illuminating your shadows can be disturbing, but know it is your road to gaining greater awareness of yourself and your self-healing capabilities.

For this ritual you will need:

  • a smudging tool, (sage, palo santo, or sage essential oil)
  • bath or a shower
  • pen and paper
  • several white candles
  • sodalite (or clear quartz).

Instructions to perform your ritual:


Prepare your sacred space by thoroughly cleansing it through decluttering and smudging to eliminate old, stale energies and invite new opportunities. You can also use diluted sage oil (5-7 drops) in water in a spray bottle and mist yourself and your room.

Take a bath

Let the bath help you relax and bring you to a more calm and balanced mood. During your bath, as you cleanse yourself, reconnect with your intuition and let it help you lead towards your most vulnerable parts.

Meditate and journal

After your bath, while still in that meditative state, take small pieces of paper. Identify the feelings you have written while journaling (prompt number 4). Write on each paper the feeling you wish to bring to the surface and illuminate:

That might be:

My lack of self-worth.

My jealousy.

My fear of failure.


The point is to be as specific as you can.

Light your candles

Then, take your candles and arrange them in a small circle. Place each piece of the paper under the candle. In the center of the circle place sodalite, which symbolically represents you and with its power will embrace all these energies and balance them with their counterparts.

Light up each candle to symbolically, bring your shadows to the surface, and find acceptance and compassion for yourself in your honesty and vulnerability.

Dedicate time to contemplate each of your shadows. Acknowledge them and as you deeply breathe in, invite more strength to embrace your shadows and access their counterparts within you. Let the candles burn till the end.

If you want to improve your self-care practice in the following year, check out our newly published “Nurtured by the Moon” journal and planner for 2021.

Happy New Moon!

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