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October 27, 2020by maja0

Taurus Full Moon

On October 31st, we are welcoming Blue Helloween Full Moon in Taurus. The second Full Moon this month comes with very rare and strong aspects. In this article, learn more about energies, self-care practices, and ritual you can employ to harness the power of this strong Full Moon.

To better understand this Full Moon we have to take a deeper look at Scorpio and Taurus signs. Both Scorpio and Taurus bring us to the present moment and help us go through our fears and insecurities. They both use resources as a foundation for building their worlds. They help us invite more abundance in our lives and understand how to value our own capabilities and talents.

While Taurus experiences the world through physical senses, Scorpio uses her internal energetic resources. This is the quality of a true alchemist, able to transform and renew from the ashes. Scorpio fully relies on her inner trust to allow growth and self-mastery.

When we fall into the trap of low vibrations of the Taurus sign, we cling to our comfort zones and fear of the unknown. This Full Moon is here to help us to release these feelings and allow more inner trust and confidence while relying on our intuition.

Astrological aspects of the Taurus Full Moon

But this Full Moon comes with her own perks. On the day of the Taurus Full Moon, we have Uranus that is very close to a conjunction with the Moon and in opposition with the Sun.

Uranus is the planet of unexpected, electrifying energy that like a thunder, out of nowhere brings change, sudden twists, and turns. This is a very disruptive energy for the following two weeks. Uranus will help us release false paradigms we have about our own self-worth, our creativity, and femininity.

As Uranus opposes Sun, we can have very interesting encounters and events, that will stimulate us to look at our life from a different perspective. We may not be prepared for change, but however this energy displays in your life – things will not be the same. Allow more curiosity and openness to this energy, as this change is here to accelerate our growth and our own sense of freedom.

Uranus tightly conjuncts Full Moon

During this Taurus Full Moon, Uranus will closely conjunct the Moon. This may bring many restless feelings and our own internal need to break out of the ordinary. As Moon illuminates a certain part of our lives, we can sense that change is coming. This makes it very hard for us to relax and find inner peace. There is a general lack of stability and we feel even more insecure and vulnerable. Moon and Uranus are conjuncting fixed star Hamal that holds the vibration of both Saturn and Mars. Patience and carefully managing our energy levels and activities we engage with can help us work with this Full Moon more smoothly.

During this unpredictable Taurus Full Moon, employ such self-care practices that will help you stay grounded but flexible and adaptive to erratic situations. That might feel very difficult as both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. This Taurus Full Moon is here to help us release our comfort zones and make space for allowing our potential to shine. Our sense of self-worth stems from recognizing and acknowledging our uniqueness. Try to be more observant of your feelings instead as they will lead you to powerful insights.


taurus full moon ritual

Something is brewing inside of you and requires your attention. As you stay open-minded, you will be able to recognize opportunities to use your unique talents and realign with your true path.

Moon journaling prompts

Moon journaling is an excellent practice to help us work through different feelings. The following journaling prompts are designed to help you recognize your insecurities and comfort zones and how to move through them during Taurus Full Moon:

  1. What are my comfort zones? (think in terms of habits, thoughts, and behaviors)
  2. How much your comfort zones are preventing me to express my potential?
  3. How would my life be different if insecurity wasn’t there to stop me? What would I do/be?
  4. What practices help me stay more open and observant to new experiences? How that can help me to more confidently step into the unknown?
  5. During this Full Moon what am I ready to release?

Taurus Full Moon ritual for releasing insecurities

Taurus Full Moon joined with Uranus is here to help us get more comfortable with change and embrace uncertainty. In that process, many fears and insecurities can pop up and make us step back into the comfort of our thoroughly build inner world. We become so attached to the comfort zones that sometimes we don’t realize that actually, our comfort zones are not protecting us. They can keep us captivated in a state where we refuse to deal with our negative feelings. We may feel stuck and unproductive. But the unknown doesn’t have to be bad per se! What if there are more opportunities for us to express our potential and really live a thriving life? This little Taurus Full Moon ritual is designed to help you release those negatives blocks and make space for new exciting things to enter your life. You can perform the ritual during next two weeks until the New Moon in Scorpio.

What you’ll need for the Taurus Full Moon ritual:

  • A smudging tool (sage, Palo Santo or sage essential oil)
  • A jar with a screw-top lid
  • A handful of quartz stones
  • Muslin bag
  • Dry chamomile flowers
  • Alternatively, you can use 5-7 drops of chamomile essential oil

taurus full moon ritual for releasing insecurities and embracing the unknownPrepare your sacred space with decluttering. Clear the stale energy with smudging. You can refresh with some essential oils. It’s important that you make your space peaceful and inviting. Dedicate some time for yourself to meditate. Sit comfortably. Focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and allow your feelings to arise. It may be insecurity, fear of change, anger, restlessness. Take in your hands a stone that represents the feeling you wish to release. As you hold it, concentrate on imprinting the energy of the feeling you wish to eliminate.

Take your jar and as you say out loud:

“I release my feelings of insecurity”,

place the stone in the jar. Close the jar tightly. In the next following two weeks, when you experience similar feelings, repeat the process. Once your jar us full, empty it, cleanse the stones and let them recharge on the next Full Moon.

As an additional purifying step take a cleansing bath. Fill your muslin bags with chamomile dry flowers and let them steep in the hot water (or add chamomile essential oil). While you bathe, relax, and visualize white light, that enters your whole being and makes space for new beautiful feelings and thoughts that you would like to experience. Let this feeling be your guiding vibration, no matter what surprise Full Moon brings you.

And it’s already time to prepare for the following year! Check out our newly published moon journal for 2021 to help bring more magic into your self-care.

Happy Full Moon!

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