Living in accordance with the Moon brings us the awareness of changing fluctuations that influence our daily experience. This is an opportunity for igniting personal empowerment, as you open yourself to embracing the gifts of your daily life. This moon journal and astrology information within these pages is your roadmap and guide. As you work through this journal you will unravel layer by layer, ancient wisdom that brings you an understanding of how laws of nature impact you. You will learn how to tap into your divine, feminine energy and use it to create the ultimate vision of your life. You will be able to fully connect with your body, mind, and spirit through powerful moon rituals so you can enhance your self-care and gain confidence for manifesting your intentions.

Spiritual tools to help you make positive changes in your life!

Here at Astroglorious we are dedicated to helping women access their divine feminine power and inspire them to reach their full potential. Guided by the stars, our astrology-infused journals and planners are specifically designed to support you on your journey of becoming the best possible version of yourself and show you how magnificent you already are. Align with the magic of the Universe with the assistance of one of our journals - it's time to make your wildest dreams come true.

NEW!Mercury retrograde journal

21 days to blossom into your true self

Instead of fearing Mercury retrograde, this is the period where we can take a journey inward; to reflect on our lives and see what has been wrong, what has been missing. Mercury rules our mind which is like a garden.  As much as it can be a beautiful garden, those flourishing thoughts don’t always portrait the full beauty of who you truly are. This time of renewal and transformation is an opportunity to look within and discover who you truly are below all the layers the society and your environment told you, you should be. It is about recentering and remembering your core values. It is about embracing your inner shadow and finding the courage to let the light in.

NIEUW!Mercurius retrograde journaal

21 dagen om tot je ware zelf te bloeien

In plaats van Mercurius retrograde te vrezen, is dit de periode waarin we een reis naar binnen kunnen maken; om na te denken over ons leven en te zien wat er mis was, wat er ontbrak. Mercurius heerst over onze geest die als een tuin is. Hoe mooi het ook kan zijn, die bloeiende gedachten geven niet altijd de volle schoonheid weer van wie je werkelijk bent. Deze tijd van vernieuwing en transformatie is een kans om naar binnen te kijken en te ontdekken wie je werkelijk bent onder alle lagen die de samenleving en je omgeving je hebben verteld dat je zou moeten zijn. Het gaat over het herijken en onthouden van uw kernwaarden. Het gaat erom je innerlijke schaduw te omarmen en de moed te vinden om het licht binnen te laten.

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This planner is simply INCREDIBLE! It contains so much valuable information in help you develop your best self-care practice around the lunar cycles and harness the power of the moon! I am in complete awe. Thank you thank you thank you!


“Absolutely love it. It’s very beautiful and the content inside is amazing!! Cant wait to use it in 2021.”


“Made with lots of love and effort, excellent! Thank you! “


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Hi, I’m Maja! I’m an astrologer, writer, and coach with a mission to help women discover their healing power and inspire them to manifest a life they have always dreamed of.

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